My Crew

I loved, married, and still love Lou Harris. He's my best friend, a good father, an amazing doctor,  an avid cyclist, a great cook and all around good guy. I know, I'm blessed.
We have 6 children...

Luke - Dear, dear, boy. God knew he could handle being the guinea pig. He's been a patient soul as we've tried this parenting thing on him first. He's a thinker and a sports fanatic and, a keeper. Joined our duo in 1989.

Hannah - Our first girl. She has chocolate brown eyes and a golden heart. I love how, in awkward situations, she says, "Oh dear." A truer friend can't be found. And I'm happy she went to Europe, but I'm even happier she's home.

David - One of the middle children. He's always moving and shaking, and I remind him frequently of his God given gift of being a mover and shaker. He won't be forgotten. And I still can't believe he'll get up at 5:15 a.m. to run.

Faith - "You gotta have Faith..." Oh, yes I do. How thankful I am God gave her to us.  She loves to sing and play guitar and jump and run and read and create and spread joy!

Elizabeth - Loud and proud and full of love. She calls it like she sees it.  She can do an amazing flip throw in soccer games if she will. Please flip, Elizabeth. Heart you.

Mary Grace - The baby. She's more like a first born, though - a real go-getter. She's got her dad's engineering mind and his love and knack for tennis. And she likes to listen to books on CD with me. Love.