Friday, April 22, 2016

The Half of It

Tomorrow, I was supposed to be heading to OKC to participate in a half marathon. 

I'm still going to OKC - but not to participate. I'm going to cheer on our Hannah, who has been training like a crazy woman in preparation for her first marathon on Sunday morning. I could not be more excited for her or more proud of her. She's the one who actually suggested I do the 1/2 while she did the whole. 

"Lots of women your age do it, Mom!"

I'd never seriously considered doing such a thing, as I loathe running, but I had heard that there were programs out there where you walk/jog those 13.1 miles. I recruited a friend to train with me, and we began a 12 week walk/jog (3 minute walk - 1 minute jog) program that surprisingly, we both really enjoyed!

Things were going great until the beginning of week 4, when I noticed a muscle in my backside telling me he didn't love all this concentrated, consistent activity that I'd been doing. He not only screamed at me when I was training, he started aching all the time whether or not I was training. But, when the schedule said to do a little 6 mile walk/jog on February 27, I decided to push through and take my aching body out for the workout. I figured I'd be hurting if I trained or didn't train...might as well train.

Bad decision. 

The Reader's Digest condensed version of that fateful day went like this:

--I put in those 6 miles...was uncomfortable the whole time, but managed to go 6 miles in 1:13:10 for a 12:10 pace.
--Rode in the car immediately afterwards for about an hour.
--When I tried to get out of the car after that ride, I couldn't bear weight on my right leg without serious pain.
--PT friend happened to be around and...
--Diagnosed me with a piriformis problem.
--Ridiculous amount of difficulty walking for next few days.
--Advised to stop training. 
--Was ok with that because I was hurting - a lot.
--Eventually pain free one month after injury.
--Now that I wasn't hurting, I wanted to train again.
--Too late
--Can't participate.

And today, I'm confessing I'm still a little bummed, but know that in God's good care and provision, this is OK. He's got me. He's got this. And, I want to honor Him in it.

And, I'm gonna honor Him by cheering my head off for my marathon running girl!

Go Hannah!

And because I'm weird like this, I wrote a little poem. (I wrote most of it soon after Feb 27, but just now completing)


Ode to the Piriformis

The schedule said, "Today - 6 miles!"
And determined - off I went
Sure, my backside whined and ached
But who knew exactly what that meant.

I finished strong. The pace? 12’2”
Not bad for this ol gal!
Not bad until I tried to walk
The piriformis? Not my pal.

My leg, it screamed, “Don’t stand on me!
You’ve done it now, yes sir.”
The PT guy he did agree
And the rest is just a blur.

That piriformis right there, right now,
Was angry as can be. 
It’s gone on strike and said, “No way
 A half with me.”

To say I’m bummed is half as weak 
As this girl really feels.
But that's ok, it's not that bleak
I'll cheer Hannah on with squeals. 

I’m thankful, though, it’s only this -
A muscle, mad and sore
It’s fixable with lots of time 
And stretches on the floor.

Post a 5 mile walk/jog - the good ol' days;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This One

If you've been kind enough to stop by the blog this week, you've noticed my theme. 

All things wedding. 

First pictures, then selfies, and now, a poem! Even though the bulk of this poem for Faith was written before her wedding day, March 13, 2016, I'm  just now pulling it all together. Since April is National Poetry Month, it fits better here anyway;). 

I've been reflecting on another daughter married. 

On one of the happiest days of my life.

So, so grateful to God.

This One

This one who brightened November skies
This one with beautiful hazel eyes
This one who loves and smiles and sings
Is focused and happy about new rings.

This one who wondered at prey and pray
This one who crinkled at each new day
This one whose hair we called a spout
Is packing her bags and moving out.

This one who clutched and carried Patch
This one who now has found her match
This one who traveled far and wide
Is loving her man, and God - her guide.

This one who loves to read and read
This one who loves to plant a seed
This one who runs and jumps for joy
Is glad she married her very nice boy.

This one who twirled her wedding gown
This one who turned a heart around
This one who said, "I do," for life
Is now her Isaak's sweet young wife.

This one God gave to Lou and me
This one who's grown - how can that be?
This one we love, complete and true
Is starting a chapter, fresh and new.

Marea Faith
November 14, 1994
7 lbs 3 oz

Faith's crinkle

Faith and her hair spout

In the middle of this short video, you can see Faith clutching and carrying our very compliant (or terrified) cat, Patch.

Faith, beside the Mediterranean, while serving with YWAM

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Wedding Idea

You need to share good ideas, right?

Well, we think we had a good, fun idea at our Faith's wedding, and we want to share it with the world!

A popular item at weddings and events is a photo booth. We kicked that option around, but couldn't land on anything that fit our vision or budget. 

A few weeks before the wedding, I was sitting in the vicinity of our Elizabeth when the idea of a wedding selfie stick was birthed in my brain. I waited a bit and tried to think of a way to sell what I thought was a brilliantly fun idea to someone from the younger generation. Believe me, I've had other equally brilliant ideas that I've shared with my kids which have immediately been labeled lame. I really wanted this one to be liked. 

After carefully crafting my words, I told her my idea. She tentatively said, "You know, I kind of like that...that maybe could be fun." (Inside, I began to jump up and down).

And, from there, after a bit of tweaking from the fam, it took off! Everybody liked it! Most importantly, Faith and Isaak liked it!

Here's how it worked.

We knew Faith wouldn't be using her phone the afternoon of the wedding - at least from the ceremony on. So, when Faith arrived at the ceremony, my friend, Marla, took her phone for safekeeping until the reception. Once there, she put Faith's phone on the decorated selfie stick and started passing it around. We wanted to fill it with pictures (and videos) for her and Isaak to enjoy seeing later! When we put that phone back into her hand after the wedding, there were 244 fun filled selfies of family and friends smiling right back at them.

They loved it!

And, this idea is very budget friendly;)

Here's a sampling of selfies that I love, too.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wedding Joy!

When your daughter gets engaged at the end of December and picks the following March 13 as the wedding date, life hits warp speed and blogging goes bye-bye.

I'm finally catching my post wedding breath, and rejoicing all over again, because pictures (Christine, you are amazing!) came in this week! There's been almost as much smiling and rejoicing today as there was the wedding day, because these took me back to that happy, happy Sunday. 

Whittling my "favorites" down was near impossible, but here's my best attempt. There's still a lot, but not even thinking about saying sorry. Too much joy flowing out of this heart!

Thank you, thank you, God, for Faith and Isaak...For their love for you and their love for each other. Thank you for the happiness of that day, and the rejoicing together with family and friends.

Birth sampler made by my mom

Hannah, Elizabeth, Faith, Mary Grace

David, Faith, Luke

Sara Lipsey worked beautiful magic on Faith's hair

My favorite guy

Hannah Sheppeck's beautiful artwork

This one about did me in

A chorus of prayer

Savoy Ballroom, Springfield, MO

My brother, Keith and some of his family :)

Faith and Isaak made a video of them singing some of their favorite songs

The Happy Chef and his crew

Ahhhmazing brownies sporting their hashtag #isaakgottahavefaith