Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Daughter's Soon to Marry

My daughter's soon to marry,
This soul God let me carry.
Not only on my arm,
First in warmth away from harm.

Quietly, quietly, fashioned so sure
Beautiful, beautiful, perfect and pure.
Born, born, crying to live
Gifted, gifted - so much to give.

Sensing in others the words of their heart
Listening, perceiving, suggesting - her art.
An eye for beauty, and how to display
Joy to all she brings, all of the day.

Excited, excited, beyond all compare
Walking, walking, as if on the air.
Loving, loving, the boy now a man.
Longing, longing, to give him her hand.

I watch and I pray to our very good God.
That she - that he - to Him they would nod.
These two, now one, a great mystery,
Writing together their - God's - history.

Always, always, before our Lord's face.
Never, never, away from His grace.
Yes, yes, you're ready to start.
Holding, holding, each other's heart.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Since I last posted, things have been a-changing in my world.

To get the ball rolling, in late July, my oldest daughter, Hannah, got engaged to Alex Joseph Hughes.

Alex and Hannah

And she is getting married on October 26 of this year.

Did you read that correctly? This year.

Warp speed, Mr. Sulu.

You may have noticed my countdown ticker on the right side of this page. I put that there just in case I forget.

So, we have been giggling, and rejoicing, and planning, and phone calling, and list making like crazy at our house. It's not stressful - yet - just busy. Even if one is inclined to procrastinate (and I am), you are not afforded that luxury when you have a countdown ticker on your blog!

But all is going well so far, and we are happy. I kid you not, sometimes, the joy in our house is almost palpable. It's hard for it not to be when two young people are in love and deliriously excited about starting their life together.

But that's not the only change going on this past month.

Our David left in mid August for the University of Arkansas to begin his sophomore year. He left just as we were getting used to him being home again. And liking him being home again. David has a sparkle that makes me smile just thinking about it. So when his Honda is missing from our driveway, and the mess that is left on the counter from his making protein shakes is not there, it kind of makes this mom's heart ache a bit.

At Rocky Mountain National Park

Faith, Mary Grace, me, and David

And then there's our Faith.

She graduated from high school in May and is leaving next week for Colorado Springs where she will attend Youth With A Mission's Discipleship Training School. She has a heart to take the gospel to the world and felt compelled to spend this first year out of high school being trained to do that (for 3 months) and then she's planning to go do that (for 2 months).

I can tear up pretty quickly if I let my mind dwell on just how far away she'll be. However, with her being so excited and happy about this next step God has for her, I won't let myself stay in that tearful place long. But oh, how we are going to miss that girl.

Child #5, Elizabeth Kathleen, has added more fuel to our change fire by starting her SENIOR year. In case you don't keep up with my family like I do, let me remind you that this is our 3rd year in a row to have a senior in high school. You may find yourself asking, "What were Lou and Shelley thinking?" To which I would reply, "We obviously weren't." ;)

So, she is in the thick of all things senior. This coming Friday, we go to have her senior pictures taken. How can this be? She was just sucking her left thumb yesterday, wasn't she?

Colorado 2013
I'm treasuring every minute with her.

Surely, by now, we're done with major changes recently, right?


Our "baby," Mary Grace, began a brand new chapter of her life this past month also. On August 15, she walked through the doors of Bolivar High School, a member of the class of 2017. So far I hear more about Art, Tennis and French than Geometry, English and P.E.  She's still playing violin, making beautiful music for the family daily. I'm blessed.

Well, hello there.

At the top of Longs Peak
At this point, I've only failed to mention one of the kiddos - my oldest. Luke has been in LA since March seeing what kind of mark he can make out there. He's had a little luck, landing a small part in a music video with Carley Rae Jepsen. It can be seen on October 1 if you buy The Little Mermaid Blu-ray Diamond Edition. He's the piano player.

I don't know. I might buy one.

With different auditions weekly, Luke's life is one big state of flux. But I'm so used to that pattern at this point, that his constant state of change seems normal. That strikes me as so funny. Love, love that boy man.

On Flattop Mountain
The baby and the first born
So here we are at September 1, with the books closed on August. It was a full month, a good month. There was nothing to be really sad about, but there has been a lot to think about. Thankfully, amidst all the recalibrating that such a month brings, God gave me a couple of sweet gifts to help me along.

Lou, my best friend who also happens to be my husband, lets me talk to my heart's content about whatever, whenever. He chimes in when necessary. Those kind of sounding boards are hard to come by, and I am grateful to God for him.
I also like to hike with him.

And finally, God was faithful to give me himself. He reminded me daily through His word that he loves me, and that he'll give me all I need just when I need it.

That's good news for all the change of the past and all the change in the future.