Friday, August 26, 2011

Follow Through Friday - Nashville Bound

Last week, I said I'd be doing good to get one hour done on my sampler since I officially started homeschooling Mary Grace this past week, and I've been getting ready for a trip to Nashville tomorrow. Well, that would have been really good, but it didn't happen.

I am going to take it with me, though. Long stretches of interstate and ample sunlight through the car windows are conducive to a little needlework. Again, I'll report next week if that happens.

This week wasn't completely unproductive, however. Mary Grace and I now know all the territories and provinces- plus capitals- of Canada. (If you'd like to hear my mnemonic device associated with that, just let me know). We have discussed the four major tissues in the human body and can spout off the cummutative and distributive properties of math.  Check.  I'm almost done packing...just need to pay a few bills, watch Lou pack the car, love on my kiddos a little bit, and we are ready to head out.

I am going to my home state.
sampler my mom made

I'm not going to where I grew up, Munford, Tennessee, but to Nashville, TN's capital and the capital of country music. We plan on listening to country music all the way there. Ok, not really, but I do love my country music. Lou and I will start our visit off right by hitting the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night.

 My current favorite country music song is Take a Back Road by Rodney Atkins. I smile every time I hear the lyric, "put a little gravel in my travel." We probably won't be doing that this trip, but the song takes me back to the many times I did that when I lived in the Volunteer state.

Lou will be in meetings during the day, brushing up on all things EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and I'll be brushing up on something I used to have - a southern accent.

Maybe I'll report a bit about things here on my blawg.

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