Friday, June 14, 2013

The Blister

You never know where or when you'll find inspiration.

I was in the middle of my quiet time on the porch here at KAA, when I glanced down to check on a blister I discovered last night. The first line of my little attempt at rhyming popped into my head almost immediately. The next few lines took a little more work, but messing with words, a theme, and rhyming, is really more fun than work for me.

If you've ever had a blister, maybe you can relate.

Hope it makes you smile.


I've got a blister, mister,
And that makes this clown frown.
It messes with my run, son,
So here I sit, unfit.

I see it on my toe, Joe.
It's puffy as can be. Gee!
Is to poke it with a pin sin?
What should I really do, Lou?

I am to touch it not? Boycott!
Give it time to heal? Surreal!
No promises from me, see.
It's so begging me to pop. Stop!


  1. You may confound it with diction,
    But that blister's from friction.
    You do not need a skin doctor;
    you are your own spin proctor.

    tkv md

  2. Are you two siblings, or what!!! :) Love it!!

  3. Hi there. I saw your comment on my blog. ^_^ Thanks. I came back here to check on you and this is the only recent post I had the focus to read through at 2:23 AM!! :P It made me chuckle. Not sleeping well tonight. It's okay... Maybe tomorrow night. I've given up on "tonight."

    Anywho!! I have a new post and I am working on a new theme. Check me out when you can. Also I LOVED looking at your pictures even if I couldn't focus enough to read through the posts. Thanks for sharing your life with us readers!! ;D

    ~Super Mama Maggie