Thursday, July 11, 2013

Don't Settle

I attended a beautiful wedding over July 4th weekend.

Hannah's University of Arkansas/study abroad roommate, Megan Dunham, said "I do" to fellow Razorback, Alex Nunn. Lou and I have hosted them in our home, and dined with them in Europe, so we know them pretty well. My eyes filled with tears as Megan began to walk down the aisle.

So young. So in love. So much promise, and adventure, and fun ahead. Also ahead? Hard times, tears, and sadness. You can't know them all now. You shouldn't know them all now.

The wedding is the day we seriously vow and seriously celebrate the amazing covenant instituted by God so we're not alone for whatever is ahead.

It is a good thing. A very good thing.

At the reception, we talked about all kinds of things. I heard some things I expected to hear.

It was such a beautiful wedding.

Alex and Megan are so well matched.

They are perfect for each other.

But I also heard something that pleasantly surprised me.

My oldest, Luke, had flown in from California to attend. He was sitting next to my 17 year old, Elizabeth. He put his arm around her, hugging her and said, "Elizabeth, don't settle. Find a boy that will treat you like Alex treats Megan."

Here was an older brother loving on his sister. In just a few words, he let her know how much her cared and how much he wanted the absolute best for her.

I think she'll hear those words at all the right times. Words from an older brother carry weight.

As I've reflected on that brotherly advice, I remembered some words I heard Andy Stanley say in his series, The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating. (I highly recommend those talks!) They take the important "don't settle" component and add to it the equally important component, "do become." It goes like this:

"Become the person that the person you're looking for is looking for."

You have to say that to yourself a couple of times. At least, I did.

Isn't it great? It covers a lot of bases.

This is my prayer for my kiddos as they are either in the potential marrying stage or fast approaching it.  
Lord, let them become the person the person they're looking for is looking for.

To end, I'll quote Luke again and share a few pictures. The day of the wedding he tweeted this:

Weddings are awesome

Yes, they are. They combine the best of seriousness and celebration.

Thanks, Alex and Megan, for letting us share in yours! Many, many blessings!

Very yummy, fun food served at the reception!

Representing the Harris Clan.
Missing David (working at Kanakuk as a counselor)
Missing Lou and Faith (on a medical mission trip in El Salvador)

The beautiful bride and her handsome groom

Me and my oldest

Elizabeth and Mary Grace rockin' the photo booth!

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