Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Daughter's Soon to Marry

My daughter's soon to marry,
This soul God let me carry.
Not only on my arm,
First in warmth away from harm.

Quietly, quietly, fashioned so sure
Beautiful, beautiful, perfect and pure.
Born, born, crying to live
Gifted, gifted - so much to give.

Sensing in others the words of their heart
Listening, perceiving, suggesting - her art.
An eye for beauty, and how to display
Joy to all she brings, all of the day.

Excited, excited, beyond all compare
Walking, walking, as if on the air.
Loving, loving, the boy now a man.
Longing, longing, to give him her hand.

I watch and I pray to our very good God.
That she - that he - to Him they would nod.
These two, now one, a great mystery,
Writing together their - God's - history.

Always, always, before our Lord's face.
Never, never, away from His grace.
Yes, yes, you're ready to start.
Holding, holding, each other's heart.


  1. Darnit Shelley, I was at School when I read this and the tears rolling down my cheeks are noticed by my students. You're gonna ruin my image around here! lol Seriously, very beautiful. Mel

  2. Hi Shelley, just a note to say you are in my thoughts and prayers this week. Been there done that, 3 years ago with my baby girl's outdoor October wedding. God was so gracious. It was a beautiful day and I believe HE will be gracious to you and yours. God bless.
    love, Carla

    1. Thanks, Carla for this!! We are happy and busy over here this week! We are thanking God already for the forecast of sunny, 63 and 0% chance of rain:)! You have blessed me with these words. Blessings to you and yours.