Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Doctor, the Dad

The Doctor, the Dad
Dr. Hugh Wynn Vaughan

Here's to the doctor, here's to the dad,
The best on both counts that I ever had.
In memory of him on this his birthday,
I'm rhyming and writing my fingers away.

Born to Marvin and Truma, the second of four,
And now here's a bit of the family lore.
He swore on that day, they let him get cold,
He was cold ever since, which kind of got old.

A preacher's kid, of the Methodist kind,
He'd sometimes swim, just to unwind.
A kid, the same, but the Baptist sort,
Joined him one day to splash and cavort.

They splashed, they swam, then his friend went down!
My dad was afraid that Baptist would drown!
Scared spitless, Dad was, but he dove on in,
Saved the boy and the day - A true Wynn win.

Summers he'd be at his uncle's farm,
Sowing and plowing with tan, strong arms.
He loved that work and the time and the place,
The memories produced a smile on his face.

High school he went to, he studied, he worked,
Nothing on purpose ever was shirked.
But one credit shy he was at the end,
So nope. No diploma did his school extend.

A college still welcomed this smart young man,
He studied, he worked - pre-med his plan.
Courses he needed, he finished, he aced.
No diploma again, but in med school was placed.

From this, he graduated! He did, for sure.
Off to Munford to work and help people, cure.
40 plus years of service, of life.
At his side, five kids and Violet, his wife.

Retirement came and so did a move,
To Bolivar, MO, and I did approve!
The book he wrote is a gift to us all.
His life, his work, now us kids can recall.

The stories, the heart, of this one dear man,
Left on some pages, prized in my hand.
I've missed him daily these last 10 years,
But a reunion's to come, with happy tears!

My Uncle Bill and my Dad -  early 1930s

Uncle Bill and Dad

Who's the only one wearing long sleeves? The one who was cold.
Dad's lifelong partner, Dr Sid Witherington, and Dad in front of their clinic

Dad and Mom
Hugh, Kathy, Me, Andy, Keith

Hugh Wynn Vaughan, M.D.
January 11, 1928 - March 20, 2004


  1. What a tribute! That was excellent Shelley, It brought tears to my eyes. Oh how I remember your dad and what an excellent doctor he was. Our community has not been the same since he retired! What a blessing! Thank you for making my day in bringing back memories! Not only did he take care of me; he also cared for my two children. I can remember a couple of trips to your house to look at cuts; he then sent us on to the clinic and met us there for stitches. What a man; what a doctor! He truly cared! God bless you and yours.

    1. Thanks, Carla! You are such an encouragement to me. I always loved it when Dad had people come by the house…then I could see the interesting stuff.