Monday, June 16, 2014

A Note to My Sons: Future Father's Days

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday.

Since my dad has been gone 10 years now, I spend my Father's Days remembering and celebrating. I remember the good man my dad was and celebrate the good man I'm married to and who is the father of our children. And, I do like many in the Facebook world do, and post something about a father.

August 1, 1987

Obviously a few years old, but one of my favorite pics of Lou with the kids
The posts on fb on Mother's Day and Father's Day are somewhat predictable, but that predictability does not lessen their importance. Hopefully, we are telling those near and dear people how important they are more frequently than once a year, but at least we do it then! Because one of my major identities and roles in this life is as a mom, I couldn't help but think of my two boys, who may someday be husbands and fathers, Lord willing. I found myself praying that when that time comes, their wives and their children would write about them some of the many heartfelt words I read on my timeline yesterday. I'm including just a smattering of those posts I read from Father's Day 2014 below.

I doing that because those posts prompted me to pray for my two boys/men.

Is it premature to pray these kind of things for those who aren't married yet?

I don't typically pray for their future in quite such a specific way. The current day's issues provide more than enough to pray about, don't they? But God directed my heart differently on Father's Day. So, I ran with it. They are my heart's desires. God tells us in Psalm 20:4 - "May he grant your heart's desire; may he bring all your plans to pass!"  I see my words not only as prayers, but also as blessings on them.

"Thanks for being a fun, loving and supportive dad. There is never a dull moment with you. Love you!"
Lord, may Luke and David be fun, loving and supportive dads. May laughter ring through their homes.

"Happy Father's Day to my awesome husband and my wonderful father. You are both wonderful fathers and my children are so blessed to have you in their lives!"
Lord, may Luke and David be awesome husbands and wonderful fathers. May their wives and children say they are blessed to have them in their lives.

"Beyond blessed that my kids get to call this guy daddy!"
Lord, may Luke and David's wives write this about them someday.

"Thankful for wise, steady, faithful Dads in our lives. Forever blessed."
Lord, may Luke and David be wise - may they be saturating their lives in your word even now. May they be rocks that their wives and children can lean on and run to when the hard times come. May they be faithful to their wives and faithful to their children even now - with their eyes and with their lives. 

"Happy Father's Day to my favorite guy and the only one crazy enough to journey through parenthood with me! We are grateful for your love and leadership in our home..."
Lord, may Luke and David find wives that embrace the craziness of life. May they love, laugh, cry and pray with someone who seeks you with all their heart and soul and mind. May my boys seek you with all their heart and soul and mind. May they lead on their knees.

"I am so very grateful for my dad. One of the best men I know."
Lord, may Luke and David be known as good men because they are good men - like their dad.

"My Daddy has been a Godly example of how a father should train up his children. I love you, Daddy, and I thank God for you."
Lord, please, may Luke and David be Godly. May they train up their children in the way they should go. May their wives and children say with full hearts, "I love you, Daddy, and I thank God for you."

This mother certainly says, with a full heart, "I love you, Luke and David, and I thank God for you."
David and Luke

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