Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Through Thick and Thin

Oh my.

I kind of can't believe I just wrote a poem about my weight, but I did.

You can thank our Hannah. The other day, my beautiful 23 year old married daughter sent her dad and me one of those fun, "remember this?" texts where she included a picture that had shown up on her timehop. It was taken in 2008.
Glad it's blurry. Blurry adds 10 lbs, right?

Yikes. Not gonna lie. When I saw this I was slightly taken aback at how heavy I was.

And then the memories of weight gained and lost over the years came flooding back. In poetic form. It's one of my little quirks, but I'm glad God gave it to me. Some of you may be able to relate. My hope is you all enjoy:)

Through Thick and Thin

A score and 7 years ago
Some serious vows were said,
To love through all the good and bad,
And forever - til we're dead.

Those words were good, but incomplete.
And this may cause chagrin
But both of us did not say,
"I do  - through thick and thin."

Through thick and thin? What can you mean?
The same as "better or worse?"
Oh no. Not quite. Not even close.
What I mean is called one's "girth."

I started thin like most brides do
I'd cook and eat at will
My zippers still would zip right up!
Oh the glory! Oh the thrill!

Then a very happy happening
Brought elastic pants my way
Nine months of thickness welcomed
"It's all baby!" folks would say.

Well, some left with the baby's birth
And some, it stayed behind.
I guess it'd gotten used to me
And thought leaving a bit unkind.

I let the thickness hang for years,
Which I thought was more than nice,
I fed it every night at 10.
Is ice cream really a vice?

But one day past, I hit that point
When you say, "It's now or never."
I measured all my beloved food,
And exercised more than ever.

The weight, it dropped!
The thickness left, and thinner came to be,
I've got this beat, or so I thought
Oh the joy! Oh, the glee!

I thought that 20 was gone for good.
But since, I've gained half back.
Alright. Ok. But, darn and shoot!
I gave those scales a whack.

The thick, the thin, the thick again.
I know this tune by now
I've sung it loud and proud and strong,
I should really take a bow.

My man, he's watched me sing it
And he's loved my size with grace
I know we didn't vow those words,
But you couldn't tell it by his face.

And yet, I say, what could it hurt 
To vow this weighty truth?
"Through thick and thin," it's a for sure.
We must inform our youth.

Wedding thin

All baby ;)

2013 - Skinniest I'd been since babies 

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  1. When I saw the last pic my jaw dropped.
    And I stared till my eyes all but popped.
    Sure she bikes and runs
    to trim down the buns.
    Then it dawned: that picture's photo-shopped.