Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Note to My Sons: Of Mustaches and Men

Through my Audible membership, I'm listening to The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge by David McCullough. I'm all over anything David McCullough writes and having words like "Great" and "Epic" in a title make it a done deal. I look forward to the day when I can go back to NYC and re-visit the Brooklyn Bridge. I've been to it once, but I can tell you, after reading about it,  I will appreciate it in a whole new way.

Recently, I heard a couple of sentences from that book that made me think of my boys.

October 2013: Hannah's wedding

They are men  (Luke's 25 and David's 21), but I still call them my boys. Mother's prerogative, right?

The sentences from The Great Bridge that stopped me described a George McNulty, and after googling his name and the words "ablest men on the job," the following page magically appeared on my screen.  I put a blue box around and underlined in red the section that impacted me. (I'm not sure what the yellow highlighted words are about.)

When I heard those words about the not yet thirty George McNulty, (my boys are not yet thirty, too), I stopped the audio, and replayed it a couple more times. 

Then I thought/prayed/whispered the following for my boys:

Lord, may my boys be known as "unquestionably one of the ablest men on the job" whatever job they do. Let this be said about them because they are this kind of man.

It's a mother's hope, prayer and blessing, all wrapped up together.

Followed by and also wrapped up in this, was a little humorous reminder for this mama.

McCullough mentioned that “McNulty…managed to grow an imposing handle-bar mustache.” While neither of my boys have grown that, it’s not because they couldn’t. They’ve both been blessed with their father’s good gift of beardicus plenticus and have proven that fact over the years.

Luke: 2014

David: 2014

Those two used to look like this:

David and Luke: 1996

Not anymore.

My two boys can grow facial hair. It may seem silly, but God used George McNulty's imposing handle-bar mustache to remind me of a simple fact.

My boys are men.

Men I love and pray for.

I'm praying that they are the ablest of men.


  1. I've been reading through your blog and will continue to do so, as if you are sitting across from one another drinking coffee and chatting. Love your words and wisdom.

    1. You have encouraged my heart today!! Blessings to you!