Monday, April 20, 2015

A Wonder in The Wood

There's a beautiful dogwood tucked back in the trees on our place. From my kitchen window, I can just see it peeking out between the other trees. I was looking at it today - enjoying it - and wrote the following poem.  

There's a wonder in my wood
You must look through to see
A kitchen pane, then space and leaf
There stands a dogwood tree.

Its beauty, though some hidden
Is there, and begs you know
Its flowers, white, yet tinged with pink
Its crown, is placed just so.

I see this scene and and know the thought
That wood - and life - are deep.
But beauty brightens up the dark.
This truth has made me weep.

There's also wonder in cross wood
You must look back to see
Back through to blood and pain and sin
There hung my God for me.

Its beauty, stained dark red with blood
Is there, and begs you know
Its Savior, bruised and beaten, sore
He died, His love to show.

I see a cross and know this sure
My sin and shame are dead.
I stand redeemed and fresh and new
With a crown upon my head.

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