Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Broken Brush

There's a reason makeup is the first thing you encounter when you enter major retail stores. Beauty products sell - and they sell well. When I was attending college in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I worked at Sanger Harris (which later became Foley's, which later became Macy's). I was told that makeup sales generate more profit than any other area of a store.

I've contributed to that profit margin over the years, but not excessively.  It's really only been in the last couple of years that I've even worn light foundation.  Mostly, I've stuck to enhancing - or at least trying to enhance - my eyes and slapping a little blush on my cheeks. But with the big 5-0 looming, and age spots and wrinkles screaming at decibels I've never heard before, I've jumped more completely into the world of foundation, and powder. And more recently, the world of specialized powder known as brightener. Seems my face has been dull all this time and I didn't realize it. So, I bought the sales pitch and bought the product.

To apply, one dabs your bristles in the product and then brushes it all over the face. Which brings me to the real point of this post.  Applying this brightener the other day, I broke my brush.

At first blush (pun intended), I was bummed.  The brush was only a cheap Walmart brand, but I still didn't want to spring for a new one. I couldn't get one immediately. I'd just have to use it as is. As is was very short.

But you know what? I liked it. It was lighter, felt better in my hand and was easier to use. I have to hold it a bit tighter, but that just gives me a better feel for using it on my face.
And then, as my physical eyes looked at my physical face in the mirror, my spiritual ears heard a whisper from my Lord.

"You are like that brush, Shelley. Broken. But you're lighter, you feel better in my hands and you are easier to use. I'm holding you tight - getting especially close to your bristles. I'm going to help bring them under control. And with you in my hand, I'll bring you especially close to my face - you'll touch my face. Just let me hold you."
If someone came to my house and looked through my makeup drawer, they would see that broken brush, and probably suggest I throw it away or get a new one. When I see it, I feel loved, and my face brightens.

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  1. Shel, I love this post and what a cool picture of what brokeness does for us...brings us closer to the face of God!!! That is what I want, to be closer to His face and allowing Him to hold me close!! Thanks!! :)