Friday, March 18, 2011

Follow Through Friday - Family Tree

Today - a short and sweet report on my Follow Through. I reverted back to my old ways, and didn't work on this project until this evening, but it was so much fun, there was really no stress involved. Once again, to refresh your memory, here's what I wrote at the end of my March 11 blog post:

Next week: I saw a Hand-Lettered family tree on a blog that I liked. I want to make a rough draft of one, using my family names.

First, let me give credit where credit is due. Here's the link to the blog. Some of you may see this, and decide you've found your first Christmas present for 2011. (You can thank me later).

I had fun trying to put all the names I have on my tree. Here's my rough draft.

I'm missing some wedding dates, and I'd like a few more names for Lou's branches. Before I attempt something frame worthy, I need to do a little genealogical research. But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with this.

A couple of names you'll see if you follow my mom's branches are Josephine Stroud (born February 23, 1850) and her father, Willis Stroud. When my parents down-sized, a couple of portraits of them found their way to my house.

Willis Stroud
Josephine Stroud

Never in a million years could they have imagined that their face would one day be available for all the world to see. If she'd known,  I think Josephine would have smiled.

Well, I'm smiling because this project is completed, and I had a great time doing it. I'm also smiling as I think about my heritage. Psalm 16:6 comes to mind.

The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.

Thank you, Lord.

Next week: The weather looks hit and miss for this next week, but I'm going to try and weed around some of the trees in the front, and get a least one load of mulch down. 

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  1. Shelley, I love the family tree! SO adorable! I might still the idea. :)