Friday, August 24, 2012

InstaFriday - Yep

Hello again.

Cell phone picture time.

Those days when we are in the middle of doing something and I say, "Hold on a minute. I need to get my phone."

And my kids sigh and ask, "Is this for your InstaFriday?"


Probably one of my favorite pictures of the week. The picture that illustrates one absolutely true quote:
"Many hands make light work."

Lou, the girls, and I tackled our two vehicles. It's amazing what the elbow grease coming from 5 people can do.

A dear lady dropped off a DELICIOUS apple pie at our house this week. It eventually came down to these two pieces left. I asked Lou which one he wanted. He was only thinking about his health when he answered, "I better take the bigger one. I'm still trying to put some weight back on, you know."


Elizabeth hates this picture.

It was early in the morning, and I was in shock because I recognized this as a relatively new dress of Hannah's. Hannah is in Arkansas. Her new dress is here - and on her sister's body. So, I snapped this and sent it to the older sister to make sure both those facts were ok with her, or if this was supposed to have made it into her suitcase, and for whatever reason, didn't.

Hannah said yes to the dress.

Since Elizabeth hates morning pictures, she purposely closed her eyes and looked silly.

The dress still looks cute. Yep.

Engaged the Diptic app in church on Sunday.  It was kind of weird messing with my cell phone in church, but I wanted to capture these words. My soul ached in the best possible way as we sang them.

Yep, and double Yep.


He perches in this window down the street from a frequented restaurant. I go out of my way to see him whenever I'm remotely in the neighborhood. I wish he could live for ever.


 I attended my first ever old fashioned pounding!

Our church welcomed a new pastor and his family by stocking their pantry. What a great idea!

Shelley, keep that in your "do this for someone someday" file.


 Phone commandeering alert!

Mary Grace had her sweet little paws on my phone this time. But what a cutie! And she obviously likes my instagram filters.


Thursday dawned hot, windy and so, so, dry. Oppressive.

And sadly, Bolivar had two significant fires that afternoon - one on the northeast side of town; one of the southwest side of town. We are all praying for rain.


Another phone commandeering. Elizabeth illustrating how she dresses in Faith's room (on right), and how Faith dresses in her room (on left). I think this is a point of contention.


Here, the internal thermostats have obviously changed. The sisters are bonding over Calculus homework. I like it when they hang out at the kitchen counter to do that.


Right before the light goes out at night, I read one of the daily readings in this book.

I like going to sleep thinking about the great God who made the world and everything in it.


"Mom! We've told you. We hate morning pictures!"

But I had to snap this before they got out of the door this morning. Love, love these Stu-Co shirts. Very clever. And bright. It's pretty much Oklahoma State orange. Lou would like that.


And I like that you've taken the time to share my week with me. Thank ya!

I hope your weekend is a restful, renewing time.

Yep. Yep. Yep.

life rearranged


  1. I enjoy your blog, so much. You have the most beautiful family. Your girls look like they really enjoy being together, most sisters don't. I am still praying, for Lou and his recovery. Hope your Mom is doing good. She looked so nice while she was here. Was good to see all of you. God bless your family.

    1. Thanks Betty, for your kind words! It was good to see you too! Many blessings!