Friday, January 18, 2013

2,013 in 2013

I promise, I have not reached "Hoarder" status.

No where close.

But I have lived in the same house for 16 years with 7 other people. And we've gradually accumulated "stuff." You know what stuff is - those things that you, at one time, did need or want. You used it, but then it fell by the wayside. Our house is big enough that it can handle a decent amount of stuff.

But now, my stuff - my clutter - is really starting to weigh me down! I find I live more in what the Flylady calls CHAOS (Can't Have Anybody Over Syndrome), because I need to store, rearrange, clean around, and neaten up our clutter. I wish I was one of those people who is naturally very organized and purges on a regular basis, but I'm not. I have to work at it.

I need a plan and accountability.

Sometime in the last month I read a blog (can't find it now!) that suggested a fun little plan that struck a chord in me.

In 2013, get rid of 2,013 things.

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

That is a lot of things. Do I have that many things to get rid of? I guess I'll find out. I know we are already almost 3 weeks into January, but I'm gonna try and do this thing! When you do the math, it comes down to 40 things/week leaving my house.


My plan right now is to count everything that is getting the ax with the exception of daily mail and papers. I am literally writing down everything. Gulp.

I mentioned above that I need a plan and accountability. This blog will be my accountability. Not only do I hope to report on my progress every once in awhile, but at the top of the blog, directly under the title, is my "Pages" bar. Click on "Clutter Count: 2,013 in 2013, to see how things are going. I'm hoping this helps motivate and celebrate!

I also mentioned above that one of the reasons I want to do this is so I no longer live in CHAOS. For sure, that is one. But some of the others are as follows:

1. Spend more time with God.
2. Spend more time with Lou.
3. Spend more time with my kids.
4. Spend more time writing/creating.

As you can see from this list, I want to have more time to be in relationship with people and less stress over taking care of clutter.

I'm not gonna lie - I'm a bit nervous about this. Naming a goal and numbering a goal and writing about a goal makes it very real. It's much easier to talk about what you are "gonna do" someday...

Nevertheless, here I go. The journey of de-cluttering of 2,013 things begins with the first 40!

And for this week, January 13-19, 2013,  I have met my goal. The first 40 things have left my house!


I feel better already!


  1. No fair counting your kids that went back to school.

  2. my favorite place for de-clutter inspiration is - though i don't think i'm ready to dwindle my closet down to 33 items yet!