Friday, January 11, 2013

My Dad's Birthday

I'm thinking about my dad, a little extra today because today, January 11, 2013, would have been my dad's 85th birthday. Dr. Hugh Wynn Vaughan was a good man.

I found 6 old photographs of him that I could lay my hands on very quickly that I thought I'd share here. There's no real rhyme or reason to them - other than the fact that if I saw one of him holding me, I included it.

I loved that man and I knew he loved me.

That is a great gift from a father to a daughter.

Our yearly trip to the zoo. I'm 8 months old.

My Dad and his partner, Dr. Sid. Dad said they never had a cross word. Dr. Sid died in January of 2004. My dad died in March of 2004.

Dad holding me, Kathy, Keith and Andy. I still love saddle oxfords.

Another trip to the zoo

One of my favorite pictures of Daddy. Visiting with Mr. Scott.

This is one of my dad's favorite pictures. Mine too.

Grateful today for many happy memories!


  1. I see Elizabeth in you! Luke in your sister and David in your brother, Keith. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories of your Dad today!

  2. I was just thinking the same thing that Sue said...I can see your children in the faces of your siblings. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Loved these pictures, Shelley. The zoo pictures are always fun. We found a load of those style pictues at my grandmother's house when we went through her things a few years ago. Too bad they don't have some sort of place like that for photo ops at the zoo now. Was that picture of your dad and Dr. Sid at the front of the clinic? That house in the background threw me off. Thanks again for sharing the photos - it was fun seeing them.

  4. BTW, that was Volita (Welch) Vinoski in the last comment. I keep forgetting that my profile doesn't have my name on it. Ooops!

    1. Thanks Volita, for your kind words! And yes, that is in front of the clinic. Mom said before Wooten's pharmacy was there, that was Dr. Sid's house.

    2. Thank your Mom for the info. Always love looking at photos of Munford from the "old" days. Makes me a little homesick and a little "pastsick", but still makes me smile. Have a lovely weekend.