Friday, March 1, 2013

InstaFriday...and a 2,013 in 2013 Update

This week, I've been watching some goals and continuing to work on some goals.

The goals I've been watching surround our youngest, Mary Grace. Let me just say that indoor soccer is the bomb! You are elevated above the playing field, so you can see what's going on. The bounce of the ball off the wall is a fun strategy to watch teams use, and the game is fast and exciting. It's the way all soccer should be played.

Excellent view of Mary Grace's pony tail

For an excellent view of this lovely heart on one of the window panes of our front door, let me tell you what to do.

1. Whistle for Kiowa and walk toward the front door.
2. Open door for her to go out.
3. Look through the panes of the front door to watch Kiowa sniff around the yard.
4. See something blurry between you and her.
5. Back up, so blurry image comes into focus.
6. Smile, because you know immediately which one of your offspring would draw that.

I love these kind of surprises - even if it does mean a messy window.

Look through the panes of the windows facing the back of the house and you have an excellent view of our wind ravaged play place. North Wind* can pack a punch. I actually heard this happen. There was a loud thunk, and I went outside to check to see if a branch had fallen on the roof. With nothing there, I went back in a smidge confused. A few minutes later, I saw this.

I've always liked that our playplace sported Bolivar colors.

The wind was a harbinger of bigger and better things.

Like big, wet snow.

It was magical to wake up to such a landscape.
Another snow day and perfect snowman snow meant people got busy being creative. I've driven by this gigantic snowman just off Locust Street here in Bolivar every day since the storm. So cool!

A friend and I were talking about Instagram this week, and I sent her a picture of the Christmas present my Hannah gave me this year. She had this made from some of my Instagrams. Lots of pictures of people I care about in one convenient location = love.

Speaking of love, I am loving decluttering! It has been incredibly freeing already, and I'm only 2 months into it. I have met my goal (and then some) of at least 40 items per week leaving my house and finding new digs. For a list of those items, click here.

Sorting through old purses this week, I came across this little gem neatly folded inside one. When Mary Grace was little, she was constantly setting up a Pet Store in the basement which I liked to frequent. :) As you can see, one day I snagged a frog for an incredibly low price.
That's a completely random phone # btw

I finish my InstaFriday with a picture that fits under what my friend, Trina Banner, refers to on her blog as For Real?. I had to include it because I know so many of you, especially you that have daughters, can totally relate.

Yesterday, while vacuuming, a headband got tangled in the carpet part of the vacuum. When I turned it over to get the headband out, I saw that (ahem) the vacuuming apparatus was being impeded from working at its maximum efficiency. With the help of some scissors and some pulling and tugging, I was finally able to clear the rotating brush of this:
For Real

Good grief.

As you might guess, our vacuum suction is much better now. Consider this your friendly reminder to check your vacuum's "mouth."

As I type, I'm in a waiting room anticipating being called back to check on our David. It's wisdom teeth extraction day for him.

My goal for the weekend is to feed him lots of soft foods and needed pain meds. Actually, that's more my hubby's goal. I'm heading to the University of Arkansas this afternoon to hang with our Hannah - it's her sorority's Mom's Weekend. (Fun!)

I told my husband that the only way I would leave David in such a state is if somebody more qualified than me could stay with him this weekend - you know, like a doctor or something.

Hope you have a weekend where you make one of your goals some sweet time of rest and relaxation with God and with those you love.

Thanks for stopping by!


*Reference to The Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald, one of my favorite stories.

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