Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3 Pics 1 Word

My girls have been enjoying an online game of late called "4 Pics 1 Word." It's a rather addicting game where you're given four pictures and a group of letters. From those, you decide what one word those pictures all have in common. Here's an example:

Since it's popular right now, I thought I'd try something similar, except mine is called 3 Pics 1 Word and is much easier than the real one. (My thanks to offspring #5, Elizabeth, for making the next picture happen).



Got it?

I know you do.

I first noticed this word about 10 years ago when our family decided to memorize Psalm 19 together. You start to notice things you'd never notice otherwise when you memorize, and I was struck by what the second half of verse 8 said:

The precepts of the Lord are right,

  giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are radiant,
    giving light to the eyes.

I think I must have just looked in the mirror, seen some dark circles under the old eyes and been feeling especially haggard when this thought occurred to me, but I remember thinking, "Wow, the commands are radiant and will give light to my eyes! That is some kind of effective beauty treatment!"

My radar has been up concerning the word "radiant" ever since.

So the other day, when this flyer came in the mail, my radiant radar detector went off.

Obviously, if I'm getting this flyer in the mail, I appreciate the role beauty essentials play in our lives. But when I saw those words, "Be Radiant," I immediately thought of what really can make us radiant.

The flyer was my first reminder of this word, but it hasn't been my last.

In preparation for an event I'm teaching at in April, I've been spending some extended time in Psalm 34. As you might expect, I've paused at verse 5.

There it is again! Isn't that a glorious promise to us?

On the heels of such promises and pictures, it makes perfect sense now to refer to...a pig. More specifically, Wilbur, of Charlotte's Web fame.

I love this pig story. Wilbur and his dear friend, Charlotte, have so much to teach about what is good and true and lasting. (I've already told a couple of my kids that they are not allowed to read Charlotte's Web to their kids - I'm calling dibs on that honor. ;)

Charlotte saves Wilbur's life by weaving words about him in her web.

Somewhere in the middle of pondering Psalm 34:5, I was back in the barn on Zuckerman's farm remembering one of the words used to describe Wilbur - one of the words that saved his life: Radiant.

"Actually," said Wilbur, "I feel radiant."

Of course he feels radiant. He's loved by a dear friend. He's being rescued by the words of a dear friend. How could that not make you feel radiant?

He's still 100% porcine, but he's radiantly porcine - and it shows. What's happening on the inside can't help but come out.

This time of year, when outwardly, this girl is feeling pasty and dull, it will do wonders for me to take time to remember this 3 Pics 1 Word and the truths God showed me in it.

As I look to Him and believe what He says about Himself and about me,  He'll do big, brightening work on the inside, where it really matters. Where it will last for ever and ever.

When that happens on the inside, it can't help but come out.

And what will show can be described with one word: Radiant.

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