Thursday, February 13, 2014

Waxing Poetic for Valentine's

Valentine's Day

There is an art to this day of the heart
When paper and pen often meet,
When lovers extol from the depths of their soul
And there's chocolate, yes chocolate, to eat!

There is real reason for red rose season
When florists stand hours on their feet
When ribbons are tied and no flowers have died
And there's chocolate, sweet chocolate, to eat.

There is some sadness around the love madness
When a card or a kiss would be neat,
When they are a-lacking, the heart starts a-cracking, 
But there's chocolate, dear chocolate, to eat.

There is a healing at a wrapper now peeling,
When it's off, then your heart skips a beat
When you take that first bite, Oh! such delight,
There's chocolate, my chocolate, to eat.

There is a word that by needs must be heard
When the day is finally complete
When those happy or sad, stay seriously glad
Because there's chocolate, pure chocolate, to eat!

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