Saturday, March 15, 2014

InstaFriday. Ok, InstaSaturday. Ok, InstaMonth.

Lawzee! It's been a month of Sundays since I last posted.

I'm catching up and catching my breath!

What did the last month look like through the lens of my cell phone (and, I must confess a few pics from my real camera)? Well, appropriately enough, it's mostly full of sweet and sassy females, since those are who live in our house right now.  Makes you want to say, "Lord, give Lou strength," doesn't it?

I think we keep him smiling most of the time. Hope a pic or two to follow brings a smile to your face!

As is her custom, our Elizabeth is snapping pics left and right and often grabs somebody to join her. I found this on my phone's lock screen one day.
I love her - and I think she has pretty eyes.
These next couple of months will probably be "Elizabeth heavy." She's my senior, so we're in last hurrah mode. This was our last time to play in one of my favorite venues in Springfield, MO. Central High School's "The Pit" is definitely from the old days, but aside from the really uncomfortable bleachers, I love it.

The girls in green were there to cheer our favorite Lady Liberator on.

Dona (Lou's sister),  Erin (good friend), and yours truly
Our last regular season home game is "Senior Night." The seniors are escorted by their parents as a brief bio is read about them and their future plans. All the girls, including Elizabeth, ended theirs with words about "marrying the man of my dreams and living happily ever after."

After the introductions, we got to watch a little basketball. Nobody is more pesky on defense than our girl.

Ok. This next picture is hilarious.

Did somebody throw frowning powder over the crowd?

Even Hannah and Alex, the happy newlyweds, aren't smiling
Our local radio station interviews each of the senior girls after the game. A fun little perk of a small town and a locally owned radio station.

I have no words for that bun...
Come Sundays, words that remind me of life giving truth get flashed before my eyes. So very, very grateful for that weekly reminder.

Good thing He doesn't, because I sure do.

Sunday nights this winter, Elizabeth, Mary Grace and teammates have been kicking around the soccer ball.


Mercifully, comfortably, indoors during this long arctic winter we've had.

Hannah, Elizabeth, Grace, Brionna, Mary Grace, Julianne
With Luke living in LA now, I totally rely on my phone for glimpses of him. The couple I've gotten this month are just a tad different. An aspiring actor needs to rock completely different looks, right? Love, love that boy either way.

Via text 

Sweet words from sister to brother are pretty precious, too.
One of the highlights of late February was heading to Colorado Springs to attend the graduation of our Faith from Discipleship Training School with YWAM (Youth With a Mission). We had to wait till 5 pm to see her the day we arrived, so we enjoyed a hike at the beautiful Garden of the Gods.

We weren't the only ones enjoying the banner weather in the Garden. This is just a little too ambitious for my blood.

The YWAM graduation was a worship experience - encouraging and convicting. To observe the passion of young people on fire for God and to hear their testimonies is powerful. God is alive and at work!

Faith made lifelong friends

While in The Springs (do I sound like a native?), we stay with some lifelong friends of our own. And boy, do they know how to spoil ya. Nothing like a little Ghiradelli chocolate on your pillow. Thanks, Don and Naomi, and Darrell and Denise!

Once home, Faith shared some Lebanese coffee with us. A little thicker than I typically like, but good in a different, I'm-gonna-try-to-like-it kind of way.

Grandma is very glad Faith's home
I have to include this next picture because it is so, so typical - especially on Sunday afternoons. Sunday afternoons were created for guilt free napping. Add the warm sum streaming in on a cold winter day, and oh my. Heaven on earth.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Sneaky Mary Grace snapped this;)

This past month Lent began, which means one of my favorite decorations came out. I need the reminder that all the joy and grace on this earth and all that is promised me forever came at a very, very high price.

Got this from Ann Voskamp. See "A Holy Experience." 

And as we approach Easter, we are finally starting to see this! Spring has sprung!

Doing a little spring cleaning this past week, I found this. How I thank God for Elisabeth Elliot. She is one of my spiritual mothers. I wrote her once, and she wrote me back and included her autograph and her prayer. These are at least 20 years old. I treasure them.

My man and I had a date this past Wednesday and hit Zio's Italian Kitchen. You get crayons there so you can put important stuff on the paper that covers their tables.

I follow Jon Acuff on twitter and Instagram (and you should too…so funny and motivating). He instagrammed this new Legacy app. It's a countdown to important events and its goal is to remind you to make the most of your limited time with the ones you love. I like it.

At this point, if you're familiar with my family, you might have noticed that one kid is missing from this little "catch up" post. I noticed, so I texted our David and said, "Hey! I've forgotten what you look like! Send me a pic!

Here's what I got.

What a completely adorable goofball. Love him and miss him.

Whew! I'm done, and I feel slightly caught up. Thanks for coming along for my Instamonth. Hope you smiled a little and were encouraged. Encouraged to stop, and remember the ones in your life that you'd fill your InstaFridays with.

Let's thank God for the incredible gifts they are. None of the people who God has us traveling this earth with are always easy or convenient, but then, neither are we. We're all beautiful messes, so let's give each other a lot of grace!

Blessings to you!

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  1. Great catching up with your family again. Love all the pictures. Too funny when I saw the handwriting with the crayons that said Lou and Shelley. I remember your handwriting looking exactly the same from way back when. Can you believe we have been out of high school 35 years this year? Can you also believe that we started 1st grade together. We go way back girl. Love keeping up with your beautiful family. Carla

    1. Thanks, Carla! We do go way back, and I'm so glad. Great, great memories! Hope you are having a happy spring!