Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Birthday Poem

September 11, 2014, was my 53rd birthday. I tend to get a little thoughtful around that date, thinking about my life and my death and all other "mortality check" related issues that birthdays bring.

This year, I also waxed poetic - or at least I attempted to. 

Becoming a parent 25 years ago changed the whole birthday aura for me. It made birthdays... more. You can pretty much put the word "more" with everything to do with parenting, I think. That was wise and good of God.

With that said, I hope you enjoy my little poem. You never know, it might change your world. :)  

A Birthday Poem

I think about all birthdays with a different bend and twist.
It started a few years ago
And was something I had missed.
The weight of life all brand new, I've now begun to know!

I couldn't sense what mom had thought, the time of my first cry.
I left the dark and touched the light,
There was deep joy and sigh,
And hope and glee and thankfulness and thoughts too close to write.

My soul was born and so mom's life, it grew right then and there.
She yearned and laughed and must have prayed
for me - her charge, her heir.
Her world was changed forever by a wonder that God made.  

I too, would know this wonder. I'd ache and sense and reel,
And feel as I had never felt
Joy raw and very real.
My world was changed forever. To me, great grace was dealt.

With Luke, a new day dawned and feelings geysered out
I loved that wrinkled, helpless child
His newborn skin and pout.
My world changed in an instant, and seriously, I smiled.

The second came and with her birth, would love be cut in two?
The joy was pink and pure and sweet
Like Hannah, through and through.
My world changed in an instant. I was happy, full, replete.

A push, a cry - our third was born, gulping his first air,
Dear David came with eyes so blue,
And skin and hair so fair.
My world changed in an instant. Our little family grew.

The birthday of our number four, Marea Faith so new,
Was beautiful and fresh and free
And anything but blue.
My world changed in an instant. It was such grace to me.

Elizabeth, Elizabeth, our fifth good gift from God,
She laughed and hugged and danced her way
Across our home and sod.
My world changed in an instant. I could not help but pray.

With one last birth my heart rang out,  my eye wept a tear.
Holy grace gave Mary Grace
To swaddle and hold near.
My world changed in an instant. Oh God, I see your face.

Now when I hear today's the day! God gave a soul his breath!
I want to hug and shake and sing
And squeeze that one to death!
The world was changed when you were born! Your soul was given wing!

And on that special day of yours, when others wish you cheer
Know it real and true and good
God gave another year!
He seeks the world to change through you, if only we all would.

So fly dear one! Soar ever high with God's good grace and aid!
And give and build and help and love
The other souls God made.
The world will sure be changed through you. Take help from Him above.

Luke - 1989

Hannah - 1991

David - 1993

Faith - 1994

Elizabeth - 1996

Mary Grace - 1998

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