Thursday, October 2, 2014

God, Twitter, and Poetry to the Rescue

Anybody who knows me, knows I like Twitter. 

I ridiculously pride myself in being the first one in my family to have a Twitter account - way back in March of 2009. My first tweets were, as you can see, quite profound.

As a gift one year, my friend, Sue Roweton, gave me my tweets in book form - my Twournal. I'm kind of saying that means I'm published;)

Over the years, Twitter has inspired and encouraged me. It's made me laugh and it's one of my go to places for thoughts on breaking news. I also follow my family and friends, which means I get to share in their lives in some small way. 

On the left side of a "home" page on Twitter, there is a column called "Trends." 

It shows what a lot of people are talking about. When I checked that column this morning, I saw it was National Poetry Day. Of course myriads of people would be talking about that! And, I smiled, because I like poems. But who could have guessed that that Trend would save not only one, but two lives today? ;) #seepoem

Not long after I checked Twitter, I was looking at a couple of articles on the web. In one of those, I read some words that really upset me - and from a source that shocked me.  It was the kind of thing that has the potential to completely ruin your day because you can't quit thinking about it. I was thinking, praying, fuming, and everything in between - trying to think rightly about some wrong and hurtful words.

That's when my quirky, sometimes poetic brain started waxing. It strikes me as so funny what all God can use to help us. The hymn, "This is My Father's World," is technically about nature, but a line from it came to my mind when I thought about God's help. The last line of the 2nd verse says, "He speaks to me everywhere."

Today, in helping me sort through my frustration and hurt, God spoke to me through Twitter, National Poetry Day, a little humor and a lot of grace. 

He meets us right where we are.

A Rant

I read a piece of prose today
It made my glad face glower.
Now a beastly battle storms.
My attitude is sour.

Then Twitter tells me great good news;
Today's a day for rhymes!
I'll fume and vent right here, right now
And shun more serious crimes.

I want to bark, "What is up?
What happened to your brain?!"
Feelings flail to hear such hurt
Words cause such bitter pain.

You should have thought before you spoke;
But the damage now? It's done.
What is left is work indeed,
Time to preach to me a ton.

"Tell yourself the truth," I hear.
Opine the opposite thought!
I do. I pray. I try. I start.
God's help is not for nought.

My spirit slowly lifts a bit
The rhyme and time - a balm.
I feel my pressure dropping
And my heart becoming calm.

The offending mouth best be glad
That this process took this route.
My lesser self - my gut and growl
Was ready to take it out.

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