Sunday, June 19, 2016

Two Fathers

Two Fathers

Of fathers, I have known a few,
But there are none I've known like Hugh and Lou.
If fathers all were in a queue,
I guarantee I'd pick these two.

My father, Hugh, he held me small,
He picked me up when I would fall,
And comfort me -  his "baby doll."
He quickly came when I would call.

He was a man who loved and led,
Who kept his family warm and fed,
The man who loved me first and said,
"I'll walk you down an aisle to wed."

He did just that many years ago.
I took his arm and we marched slow.
My father leading me aglow,
And giving me to one I'd know.

My husband, Lou, he took my hand,
And in a church, we two did stand,
We gave each other a small gold band.
And started the journey to our promised land.

God gave us littles to love and raise,
And for their father, I thank and praise,
For Lou is sure and steady all days,
And loves forever and always.

He gives and gives without end,
He's mine and the kids' truest friend,
To our every need he does attend,
What more could be said? What more could be penned?

Two fathers, so different and yet so the same,
Two men, each, who gave me their name,
Two men, each, I am ready to claim,
Two fathers, their worth, I'll forever exclaim!

August 1, 1987
First Methodist Church
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Mary Grace
David, Faith
Hannah, Lou, Luke

Chalk drawing I asked Rachel Casey Hamaan to draw when she was still in high school
It is one of my treasures


  1. Love your sweet poem. It brought back memories of the good man your dad was and how much he is still missed. So glad God blessed you with a good husband and father to your children too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Carla! We both have a great heritage to be so thankful for!

  2. I loved your poem. I agree with Carla, it brings back so many good memories. Em and I were both born at the clinic. Your Dad was a fine man. Mom still thinks of yall as family! I love reading your "Dash"!!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte!! I was born at the clinic too! Precious times!