Sunday, May 29, 2011

Follow Through Friday - on Sunday

It's 10:52 Sunday morning and I am sitting by gate 58 at Kansas City International Airport. Getting ready to be here was no small task - which is my very valid reason for not posting on Friday. I know that if I had been getting paid to blog, that post would have been written on time, and I would be sitting here, probably starting another blog post. But, I'm not getting paid, and I knew any of you who visit here would understand.

We are on the way to Hawaii. I have all kinds of emotions surrounding that fact. I'm excited. A tiny bit nervous - I have a love/hate relationship with flying. I don't like being that far above the ground. I love having hours to read, think, sleep, etc. And, I feel incredibly, undeservedly blessed. Why do I get to do this? This time away with my family is such a gift. Even the little bickering that's already surfaced a couple of times this morning - I'm thankful for the reminder that they aren't perfect, I'm not perfect. We are all, to quote a dear friend, in process. And thankfully, these 7 people love me in the middle of my messy processing.

And unbelievably, we get to continue processing together for a week in Hawaii. Wow.

Thank you, Lord, for today and what you have for us. All glory to you.

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