Friday, May 20, 2011

Follow Through Friday - Weed Party

Can I confess here that I don't mind weeding? Actually, enjoy it?  My kids are once again shaking their heads at the things their mother "enjoys."  I don't enjoy it in the sense that it would be on my top 10 list of favorite things to do.  It's a necessary, unavoidable, dirty, usually sweaty, task. But just like any work that could be described with these same adjectives, weeding has its positive side.

1. It makes an immediate improvement in the way things look.
2. It takes no real mental effort. (Isn't that nice, sometimes?)
3. I can sit down while I do it. (Thank you, David -see 3/25 post)
4. I have complete control over those weeds.
5. Great think time.
6. Or, great listen to an audio book/podcast time.
7. I'm outside.
8. When kids help, I enjoy interesting conversation.
9. I imagine I'm bringing my own Secret Garden to life (love that story).
10. My dad loved working in the dirt, and I spent many hours alongside him, doing just that.

As I reread my Follow Through from last week, I intimated that it was something I try to put off because I dread it.

Yard work is screaming at me again. I've been effectively squelching it up to this point, but some weeds have reached small tree status. I need the accountability of reporting next week to get 'er done.

I don't dread it, but I can put it off because the daily working of the family isn't sent into a tailspin if the weeds are taller than the shrubs. We jumped on it this week though, just a little, between the rain showers, and helped the look of things around here.

Unfortunately, I am posting this on Friday night - the key word in that sentence being night, when it is dark outside. I took before pictures in the sunlight, but neglected to take any after pictures in that same sunlight. There's a reason for that. The 3 younger girls and I were having our weed party yesterday, when a certain reptile decided to crash it. 
Elizabeth, Mary Grace, Faith, entertaining snake, Komo

Obviously, this was a distraction, and by the time we finished taking pictures of it and watching it slither off into the woods, it was time to shed the garden gloves and move on to the next thing happening around here. So, I'll have to post those in my next Follow Through. In fact,  next week,  pictures of completed tasks is really all I can foresee getting done as we prepare for Hawaii. And for those of you who may remember the post I did on Mary Grace's garden, I'll try to include pictures of that completed project too. 

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  1. I can't believe the girls are so close to that huge snake! That would have been the end of the weed party for me!!