Friday, December 30, 2011

2011- It's a Wrap

I've been doing some serious wrapping over the past couple of weeks. Well, Mary Grace has been doing some serious wrapping over the last couple of weeks. She loves to wrap presents, and I love that she loves to wrap presents, so she handled the lion's share of that Christmas task. I did do a couple of hours worth myself - enough to make me really appreciate Mary Grace. With all this wrapping going on, it seems only fitting to wrap up 2011 here on the blog with a look back at the gift it was.

I'm always amazed at what we all experience in a year. And like I hear expressed in most all your cards and updates, I don't know where the time has gone and I can't believe it got to where it (and we) are right now- before I even blinked. I've decided to let our pictures speak this year since we've decided on a bit of a different format with our annual letter.

Black eyed pea soup and sparkling grape juice usher in 2011 (Hannah celebrated w/friends)

In January,  Lou & I heard Eric Mataxas speak about his powerful book, Bonhoeffer

Video and picture cannot accurately portray our February blizzard

Mary Grace & her friend, Grace, at Classical Conversations

Spring finally sprung and David hit the links for Bolivar High School

And Lou & I followed him there anything colder than spring sports?

Faith jumping her way to happiness in track

Elizabeth doing the soccer thing for BHS

Mary Grace kicking the ball around too

Mary Grace & I took her teenage mother/daughter trip to St. Louis. A must see: The City Museum

A visit to Squeeze Inn when my brother & family surprised my mom with a visit on Mother's Day

Never far from my mom - her iPad
Happy 85th!!

All dressed up and somewhere to go...the end of year Athletic Celebration

In June, we went to Hawaii!!!

One second after this was taken, Elizabeth made a "I hate coconut milk" face.

Lou and Faith enjoying a meal on Oahu
We serve an amazing God

Hiked to some movie sets behind our house with our dear friends, the Forristers.
When my brother, Andy & his family visit, we always have a party

Poor Hannah. She had to work in Aspen, Colorado, this summer. Poor me. I visited her.

Luke worked at The Potter's House in Fayetteville. What up.
David enjoyed Kanakuk for the last time as a camper....

Elizabeth on a mission trip to Toledo

Faith loved on those Toledo kids too!

Mary Grace is into tennis big time...and so are we!

We are a biking family. Hannah needs an Arkansas jersey too. Woo pig sooie!

David's a senior...and a nerd - at least on nerd day.

More nerds...spirit week is big at our house

A little '70s spirit. I told them this is exactly what I looked like back when

Dressing up on game day during volleyball
Game! We get double the fun in this sport!

Carving party...

After 23 yrs and over 1800 babies, Lou is hanging up his OB hat. Pictured here with John, Annie, and Josie Thomas

And then, it's basketball season. Elizabeth is tenacious!

Could you please jump a little higher, David? 

A festive holiday with my brother, Keith and family

That's a lot of pictures. That's a lot of living, and this represents just a snippet of our life. And before you think that we are all smiles all the time like it looks in all these pictures, let me set the record straight. We are not. We are just like everybody else. We can hurt each other's feelings with the best of them. But we are here for each other for the long haul, wrapping our arms and hearts around each other, loving no matter what. No matter how hard it is some days.

All is a gift from the hand of God. We are thankful to Him for the days that made up the gift of 2011. And we trust Him and look forward to unwrapping 2012.

Blessings to you and yours!

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