Monday, January 9, 2012

Having a Ball

Ok. I have to blog about this.

Saturday night, January 7, 2012, the Bolivar High School boys basketball team traveled to Republic, MO, for a Central Ozark Conference big school versus small school match up.



Republic, always a formidable opponent, was fresh off a huge Gold Division win at the prestigious Blue and Gold tournament which is held every year in Springfield, MO, over the Christmas break. David, and his Liberator teammates, were 5-5 going into the Republic game and were the undisputed underdogs. But Bolivar pulled off the upset in a defensive battle where the final score was 39-37.

And I predicted it would happen.

I could predict this because I had been here before. In January 2008, when my oldest son, Luke, was a senior, he and his Liberator teammates had to play Branson right after the Pirates had won the Blue and Gold. It was the first game for both teams since the tournament. I still remember the car ride to Branson before the game. We were all quiet, nobody wanting to voice what we thought would be the inevitable outcome. Even I wasn't my usual "think positively" self. I was secretly hoping it wouldn't be embarrassing. But that night, I watched one of the most exciting basketball games I have ever seen. The Liberators beat the Pirates in double overtime to everybody's shock and amazement. I blogged a bit about that game here.

Fast forward to Christmas time 2011. We win one, lose one at the Blue and Gold. Republic wins it all. Our first game after the Blue and Gold? Republic. I thought we were their first game, too. (It wasn't until after our win there that someone told me we weren't their first game since the tournament.) It was all so deja vu. I was all over promoting the potential repeat of 2008. I would tell this piece of Liberator basketball history and how we were destined to repeat it to any one who would listen. I knew it was going to happen.

Garrison mojo
Our team, which had practiced hard all break, came out like gangbusters. Republic couldn't believe what was hitting them. Chance Rash had a great night and scored 23 points. The Tigers regrouped a bit and eventually tied the game in the 4th quarter, but our clutch sophomore, Coday Garrison, hit 2 free throws with seconds left to secure the win. I can't even describe how sweet this victory over Republic was. And did  I mention how much I like it when Republic loses?

I now have another prediction. I will talk about Bolivar being the Blue and Gold killers to anyone who will listen. Heck, I might even tell the whole world...

Oh, wait. I just did. ;)

Go Liberators!

I'm #15's biggest fan

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