Friday, April 27, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

My husband didn't see me see him. But the other day, I saw him quietly peek around the curtain that hangs in the doorway of my mom's room.  She's living with us now, still weak and indescribably tired from her illness that attacked her a little over a month ago. She hadn't pushed the intercom we have next to her chair. It was all quiet. I go and check on her every so often throughout my day even if she doesn't call. I knew I did this, and my sister did it when she was here. But I didn't know Lou ever did it.

The love that welled up in me in that moment for my husband took me aback. I mean, I love that man.

So when I saw a link party Wednesday morning called "What I'm Loving Wednesday," on a blog I read, I immediately thought, "I know one thing I'm loving." My husband.

Well, I may have missed the link party, but I'm not missing out on the chance to spread a little more love!

What a great sentence to think about. What am I loving this week?

Hannah. I'm loving the fact that she came home on Sunday after being abroad for 3 months. Love and double love.

Hannah and Mary Grace

And I'm loving what's been happening at our school's track meets lately. My 4th child, Faith, has had some PRs lately. Do you know what a PR is? It's a Personal Record - as in best she's ever done. And there's an added benefit thrown in with that. She's not preventing in any way someone else from doing their best. No pesky defense, or bone breaking tackle. No yelling to distract the competition as they speed down the jumping runway. She's just out doing all she can do to the best of her ability. I love that.

Right after her PR in the Triple Jump

And Wednesday afternoon, I loved being at District Golf with my David. He didn't have a stellar round, but he and his teammates played good enough to bring home 1st place in Districts! Which was a first for our school, first for our coach - Teresa Holt. Coach Holt is an amazing person and coach and we couldn't be happier for her. Love that we got to share this memory!

Coach Teresa Holt, Nic Lacey, Tyler Tran, Haden Stevens, Josh Condran, David Harris

And finally, I love how my girls and one of their friends congregated in my mom's room the other night. We had our little pizza party with her..

I think I'm gonna love "What I'm Loving Wednesday." A midweek reminder to be alert to what is really going on around you. And not only to be alert, but to be thankful to the one who gave you the capacity to love in the first place.

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