Friday, May 25, 2012

InstaFriday - A Good Laugh

I am a quote-a-holic.

So when I saw this one from Jon Acuff, author of the book Quitter, and a guy I follow on Instagram and Twitter, I took a screenshot. I like the discipline/creativity connection. That's a new twist for me and makes "being disciplined" an even more desirable attribute.

Speaking of disciplined, that's what our daughter, Faith, and her track teammates had to be to make it to the sectional track meet. If you were a top 4 finisher here, you qualified for state. Faith qualified in 2 events - the 4x200 meter relay and the triple jump. I took a picture of this not really thinking about InstaFriday, but to have the schedule and not worry about losing a piece of paper. Could we really be paperless someday?

Before I made it to the track meet, I attended Mary Grace's violin recital - held in a beautiful, old Methodist church in downtown Springfield. Loved their "Little Methodists" bags for the young 'uns. And Mary Grace looks fetching in her concert black.

After the track meet, we hit Andy's Frozen Custard. While I dearly love the people in this picture, the thing that stood out to me when I saw it was Lou's ring.

I have a thing about seeing that ring on his hand.

It's the only ring he's ever worn.

And he wears it because he loves me. (Heart flutter and palpitation). Smile.

Can you say Pinterest?

Not up to Cake Boss standards, but this carrot cake was yummy...and cute.

Sunday was graduation day for child #3. David Elliot moved his tassel from the right to the left, smiled for all the pictures, and then greeted lots of well wishers at our home afterwards. Fun day.

It warms a mother's heart when brothers bond. They have been pretty typical brothers and not always bonded, so this maturing - this enjoying each other's company now that they are older, is precious to me.

Faith was a little worried that I'd forget to take her guitar in to get fixed, so these sticky notes greeted me on:

-our bedroom mirror
-our dog's crate
-my Bible
-guitar of interest.

Funny girl.

Since my mom has moved in with us, Kiowa has a new favorite spot....wherever she is.

I think this is my first mirror picture.

It's fitting that it should be in front of the best mirror in Bolivar.

Stephen's Photography calls this their "confidence" mirror. It makes you look soooo skinny. Love.

Speaking of Stephen's, we were there on Wednesday for Faith's senior picture session.

And later Wednesday afternoon, I read the paper, and had a good belly laugh.

Once again, David's picture was in the paper, sort of.

Do you remember Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc? Remember how he was so excited about getting his picture on the cover of the magazine only to find it covered up by the barcode?

If we'd been trying to get this shot, we couldn't have. Hilarious!

Hope your weekend brings you some belly laughs.

God is good!

life rearranged

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