Friday, May 11, 2012


 Good Friday to you.

And it is good. God woke me up this morning - which means He still has work for me to do on this earth! And if you're reading this, the same applies to you. So we wake up with an expectation of divine help for the living of today, and the ability to look back with gratitude for all He's helped us with!

My weeks are beginning to fall into their new normal, their new rhythm. Since our Europe trip in March, and my mom's subsequent illness, we've been a bit off kilter. But Mom has been with us a month now, and we've got the routine figured out. It too is good.

And InstaFriday is here. Good! I post only pictures taken with my cell phone that show how we lived life this past week.

When a dear friend came in town last weekend, we hit The Cup in downtown Springfield, MO. Uhh...yum. And when it makes me think of my man, that's even better.

Saturday, I helped host a bridal shower for a sweet friend of the family.
My contribution to the Words of Wisdom suitcase...Read Sheet Music by Kevin Leman

This fixture was hanging in the kitchen of the old house where we had the shower.
I thought it looked like something you'd see on Pinterest.

It's always fun to open up the paper and see your kid's picture and name (as long as it's not in the "Police Report" section).

For some reason other than needing to, my girls are into the "Slimmer in 7 Days" workout. I participated by taking a picture.

They were sore 
This just struck me as incongruous.

Pinned my map with our latest European stops!

Mary Grace made cupcakes for her team to have after their last soccer game.
Friends since birth - Grace vanHoornbeek and Mary Grace...and can you say photobomb?

How about a little grilled chicken and brown rice covered with bearnaise sauce at 6 a.m.? This is the breakfast of champions for our David after his 5:15 a.m. run.
David likes it when we have protein rich leftovers!
I took a pic of this workout while I was getting a pedicure. It's supposedly Lady Gaga's workout and boasts that after 4 weeks, I'll strut like her. I'm pretty much ok with this workout except for the "no resting" reminders. What's with that?

Of course, I went straight from reading about working out to a store in my hometown that offers this. But no matter, for some reason I always come away from here feeling so good about myself.

Why, thank you!

Mary Grace is helping me get ready for the graduation party we are having at our home for David on May 20.

And finally, a dear friend, now in his 90s and who we lived next door to when my kids were little, brought David this graduation gift.  So thoughtful.. and just in time for state golf next week!

I'm smiling as I end. Thankful for another full, rich week.

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