Friday, May 18, 2012


My InstaFridays are my blogging lifeline right now!  One day, they will be proof we lived through May 2012. A May that is filled so full, it's a blur. Thankfully, my camera is in focus, helping me capture the moments.

Still enjoying my Diptic app. We enjoyed the day in Fayetteville, Arkansas, at Luke's graduation. Two of his friends from Bolivar High are also Razorbacks!

Happy moms. Happy kids.
 This pinkish picture greeted me when I turned my phone on the other day. My girls have a friendly "battle" over who graces that coveted spot. When Faith sees this, it will be gone.

Our son, David, and his golf teammates from Bolivar High School, qualified for State Golf. We had a fun two days of following him around. The weather was perfect!

I'm just a shadow of my former self

The brush pile was burned this week.

Men like burning brush piles.

Men bond around brush piles.

When I hit the grocery store this week, I had a little good girl/bad girl going on.

Yum - good

Yum - good and bad

My mom swears she doesn't want anything to do with our little Shih tzu, Kiowa. She's constantly telling her to "go on!" Well, after my grocery run pictured above, I walked into the house and found this.

And Thursday, our Hannah turned 21. It was a banner day, so we grabbed Subway and picnicked in the park. It's such a crazy week, that we are officially celebrating next Wednesday when everybody can make over her properly!

Hope you've had a week where you can look back and smile. It's not that we smiled all week long, but the smile times have helped us through the bumps that this week had, the bumps that every week has.

Blessings to you as you start your weekend!

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  1. May is always so busy with school stuff! It's worse than the holidays sometimes. :) Especially when you have a graduation!