Friday, July 6, 2012

InstaFriday- First Week of July

Wipe off the sweat and pull up a chair! We are HOT here in the middle of the country - 100° yesterday. 103° today. I must have thought it was too warm for pictures this week, because when I connected the ol' cell phone to the computer, I didn't have too many to download. But I do have a few, so here we go - the first InstaFriday of July.

Simple. Cellular.

Last Saturday, we spent a few hours at S.O.A.R., which offers aviation services at the Bolivar Airport and is a training center for pilots and mechanics entering missionary aviation. The physical plant is getting a little facelift and we went out to help our friends, the Tweedys, who run the show. I painted a little, but the girls had a staple gun in hand and used it to put new vinyl on some seats. Faith made me laugh when she said she thought the seat task would be a good roadblock or detour for teams to perform on the Amazing Race. She's thinking like her momma!
Faith,  Elizabeth,  Marla Kemp & Mary Grace
After that fun afternoon, we attended the wedding reception of the son of dear friends. Mary Grace commandeered my phone, and this is what I found later.

I love these kind of surprises.
Best friends
Waiting for us when we got home from the reception, was fresh corn! Garden aficionado, Lane Nutt, surprised us with a mess for supper the next day. Yummy! I love this kind of surprise too!
Thanks, Lane and Cheryl
The Bolivar Farmer's Market has Purple Hull Peas! But don't go buy any. You won't like them. I just bought some and froze them because I felt sorry for the guy selling them. I'll probably feel sorry for him at the next Farmer's Market. Because they aren't really any good. I promise. Don't go buy them. I'll take care of it.
Remember, don't buy any!
Every time I see a dog like this it fries my brain! How do you ever get to the point that you know for sure that they won't fall off or jump off!

Worked hard at a violin lesson...ate a good inside...30 mile car trip home...ZZZZZ

It couldn't be helped. Heck, I was trying not to sleep at the wheel.

Love this girl

This next photo can be filed under the "Did You Know" tab.

Did you know you can cook on Fiesta Ware? I didn't!

The dear lady that sits with my mom let me in on that little secret. These were some chicken breasts she prepared for my mom.
Whose dirty oven is that?
Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest!

Elizabeth bought 50¢ jeans at the thrift store, cut them off, and then painted them for our 4th of July celebration. Too cute!

Speaking of the 4th, The Bolivar Rotary Club pulled off another amazing Celebration of Freedom on the campus of Southwest Baptist University. You can't help but "ooh" and "ahh" when those lights explode in the sky! So fun. What a great way to celebrate this amazing country.

Well, with my hand over my heart, I'll sign off for this InstaFriday. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Hope you have restful weekend!


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  1. You can COOK on Fiesta?? That is so fun!! I knew I really liked you...RED Fiestaware--I LOVE IT!!!! I have my grandmother's cobalt blue, but have some NEW red coffee cups! Love the red!

    And...umm...I think you're kidding about the purple hull peas, right? :-) Because I was getting a little defensive at first.