Friday, July 27, 2012

InstaFriday - iSmile

The last full week of July - a July that will live forever in Harris lore.

This week was full of some crafting, cake, and clouds. All caught instantly, with my handy dandy iPhone.

I smile because our Hannah is not a procrastinator at all. She is crafting like crazy getting things ready for her apartment in Fayetteville during her last year of college. AHHH! Her last year of that possible?

I smile because God's word speaks like nothing else.

I sent this to one of our young 'uns this week because they were a bit down.

I smile because my sweet man is feeling a little better every day since his bike wreck just over 2 weeks ago.

It's tough to keep him out of the kitchen...he loves to cook!

I smile because, once again, when I turned on my cell phone I was surprised and greeted by a new lock screen photo. How I love our sweet Faith!
Smile Mon

I smile because when Lou and I stopped by his office, I noticed anew this print, which I've always loved. It hangs outside Lou's exam rooms.

Many people over the last two weeks have prayed to Jehovah - Rapha, the God who heals, for my Lou.  That kind of care and petition does something to you. In you.

I also smile because of what literally was in me.


Yummy cake made in the shape of a heart by dear friends.

I smile because I got to see this X-ray! Is that cool or what?

That's Lou's new metal plate on his collar bone kind of holding things together. Modern medicine never ceases to amaze me!

I smile extra big because my oldest had a birthday on the 24th. Our Luke is 23!
A 9 year old Luke...all smiles. Love that boy!
We celebrated his birthday by dinner out at Zio's in Springfield. It was also Lou's first big outing since the accident. These are my 3 favorite guys on the planet!
Lou, Luke, David
Family pic (minus 2) outside of Zio's. I am trying to smile, but I'm in pain here from the sun!

I smile because this last picture was taken by that celebrated 23 year old on his iPhone.

Is it cheating that I had him send it to me?

It was just too cool not to share. He took it on his birthday while playing golf with his brother.

The heavens declare the glory of God!

That definitely makes a person smile!

Hope you have something to smile about as you approach the end of July. Thanks for sharing my week with me!

life rearranged

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  1. Shelley I totally copied your "my crew" when I did our "us". It made me laugh when you said you were going to copy me... little did you know :)
    Love your family, the girls were so sweet tonight, they're a blessing! ♥