Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Precious Thing

10-11-12 would have been my paternal grandmother's 112th birthday. I called her "Mama Trudy," and she loved on me until she died in 1991.
Luke and Mama Trudy - July 1990

During her 91 years, she made a couple of trips to the Holy Land, where she picked up small New Testaments bound with wood and embellished with the Jerusalem cross.

When I was a young girl, she gave one to me.

And when she was 89 years old, she gave one to my first born, Luke.

Her inscription - her prayer - for her grandson still touches and moves me today.

I often pray it for Luke and for all my children - for Hannah, David, Faith, Elizabeth, and Mary Grace.

Yes, Lord, may they read it often and may they grow in wisdom and stature with God. 

Thank you, Mama Trudy, for my precious heritage and this precious gift.

Truma Elizabeth Calhoun Vaughan 
October 11, 1900 - November 26, 1991


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  2. The last time I spoke to Mama Trudy was 15th November 1991, the day my daughter, Lauren, was born. Uncle Bill was staying with her at her home at the time and he called me. After a brief greeting, he put Mama Trudy on. She was in the throes of end-stage congestive heart failure and was only gonna live a few more days, so her voice was pretty weak. Because of her weakness and fatigue, the conversation was brief and I don't remember much of it. I do remember one thing she said, though, and in my mind's ear I can still hear her voice say it: "Andy, I'm so proud of you." Considering who she was and how she lived her life, that's a lot to live up to.