Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween

Recently, we received a letter from our high school and our middle school asking for baby pictures of our Faith (who is a senior) and our Mary Grace (who is an 8th grader). As I was frantically trying to find the cutest ones and send them in before the approaching deadlines, I came across a couple of pictures from Halloweens long past.

On the front porch of our house on Oakland, where we lived for 9 years

I'm guessing the boys made sure the footballs were in the picture. Faith is holding a kitten.*

These don't make me sad and ache for days gone by. They make me smile and remember good times!

Aren't you thankful for being born in a time when cameras can capture and save these moments? A couple of old Halloween pictures made me smile today. And we all know that joy is multiplied when shared, so I'm very thankful to be alive during this time of social media. It has its faults, like everything. But it is also a powerful force for connectedness when family and friends are spread far and wide across this country and this globe.

In a digital way, I ran across my living room when I found these and said to you who are reading my blog, "Awhh! Look what I found! Aren't these precious?!"

And you, being a kind friend, shared my joy.


Happy Halloween.

**Sorry Mary Grace...lack of time prevented me from finding an old Halloween picture with you in it!

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