Thursday, December 20, 2012

God, You, & Luke 2: Day 20

I've made the 70-80 mile trek to Branson, MO, many times.  I'm either in my suburban or our Acura TL. If it's cold, my heated seats are on. My cup of hot coffee will be nestled in the cup holders conveniently located to my immediate right. If it's warm, I have the air conditioner blowing a cool breeze to keep me from sweating. If it's wet outside, I'm dry. I can listen to music, a podcast, or an audio book as I drive in my climate controlled, comfortable car.
The most common route taken between Nazareth and Bethleem

Two thousand years ago, Mary and Joseph journeyed roughly the same distance as they journeyed from Nazareth to Bethlehem, but not in quite the same comfort as I described above.

They walked. Or rode their donkey. Most think the trip took them anywhere from 3 days to a week  to complete. Their trip was not climate controlled or comfortable. It was probably hot and dusty during the  day, and cold at night.

Their trip was very real, and not as idyllic as Christmas cards depict. Their bodies ached after days of travel. They were tired. Bone tired.

As I pondered their trip, I tried to think of some of the aspects of life on the road. You have to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom - just to list the very basics. Today, I'm letting my mind "go there." I'm on the road with Mary and Joseph, trying to imagine, very practically, what a day of travel back then was really like.

I hope you spend some time on the road with them too.  Your gratitude quotient will go up.

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