Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wedding Joy!

When your daughter gets engaged at the end of December and picks the following March 13 as the wedding date, life hits warp speed and blogging goes bye-bye.

I'm finally catching my post wedding breath, and rejoicing all over again, because pictures (Christine, you are amazing!) came in this week! There's been almost as much smiling and rejoicing today as there was the wedding day, because these took me back to that happy, happy Sunday. 

Whittling my "favorites" down was near impossible, but here's my best attempt. There's still a lot, but not even thinking about saying sorry. Too much joy flowing out of this heart!

Thank you, thank you, God, for Faith and Isaak...For their love for you and their love for each other. Thank you for the happiness of that day, and the rejoicing together with family and friends.

Birth sampler made by my mom

Hannah, Elizabeth, Faith, Mary Grace

David, Faith, Luke

Sara Lipsey worked beautiful magic on Faith's hair

My favorite guy

Hannah Sheppeck's beautiful artwork

This one about did me in

A chorus of prayer

Savoy Ballroom, Springfield, MO

My brother, Keith and some of his family :)

Faith and Isaak made a video of them singing some of their favorite songs

The Happy Chef and his crew

Ahhhmazing brownies sporting their hashtag #isaakgottahavefaith


  1. Absolutely beautiful! What a blessing and sweet memory to see over and over again!

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