Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Repetition is the Key to Learning

If you ask my kids what's one quote they've heard me say over and over, I think they would say:
 "Repetition is the key to learning."
I don't remember where I heard this for the first time, but once I heard it, I knew it was true. I definitely need to hear/do/see things over and over to really "get it." And what I think is important certainly gets repeated to my kids.  So now, I kind of notice repeating things - especially in the written word - especially in the Bible. If God repeats a word many times, say in a chapter, and I notice it, I take a closer look. (This is the Holy Spirit acting as my teacher, which God says in his word he would do! John 16:13) 

Today, I read Mark 1:1-28.
In it, the word immediately appears 6 times, and the words, at once appear once. That's the thought of no hesitation or right now appearing, on the average, once every 4 verses. I'd say there's a little repetition going on here.  So what do I sense God saying to me today? 

-Obey me immediately. When you sense me whispering to your heart about something or someone, follow through.
-Immediately doesn't mean a rushed, frantic pace. It means a purposefulness about what I have for you to do today.  There's no just going through the motions of today. And remember, there's always enough time to do the will of God. 
-Remember the book you read, Don't Waste Your Life? Don't waste your life. Don't waste today. It's immediate.
-How about your children? What if they came to you today and told you they felt an immediate call on their life like Andrew, Simon, James and John said they did to their father that fateful day on the Sea of Galilee? What would you do with that? They are mine, remember. 
-I love you, immediately.

If I sense God saying these things, I hope I'm listening. Meditating. Praying. Doing. Immediately.

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