Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Secret Dentist

Our house has sprouted some teeth of sorts
They vary in size and thickness
They grew cause Blizzard 2011
Is clandestinely, a dentist.

Oh sure, he spreads white snow on the ground
This merely throws us off track.
His target is the roof and the eaves,
Real dentists know this tack.

There's powerful stuff in the snow he leaves
on the roof just over our head.
The mingle-ing, shingle-ing magic begins
Once the sun gets out of his bed.

The sun is secretly blizzard boy's friend
The magic won't work without him,
The teeth start their sprouting, Mr. Blizzard is shouting,
"Oh yes! They're coming in!

They're growing - some long and with such a nice point.
I really do great work.
Doesn't the house look like it should?
If it's toothless, it only smirks!"

But alas and alack, the smile is short-lived
The sun doesn't know when to stop.
Its heat starts a pulling that won't be denied
And eventually - the teeth, they all drop.


  1. I love your poetry! Such vivid word pictures and clever wit. :)