Friday, February 10, 2012

InstaFriday - A Week Aware

This might become a habit.

Another InstaFriday where I post pictures that I took with my cell phone. A week aware that this post was coming. A week looking for moments to include. And, as you would find if you did this exercise, the problem is not having enough material, it's trying to not take a picture of everything. I realize I'm showing more of the "upside" moments of my life at this point. Please know that there have been some definite "downside" moments this week - but I find I'm not too camera happy at those points. No big shock there. I'm gonna have to think about that a bit. I want to figure out how to portray the grace that is present in those difficult moments...We'll see.

But for now, here are the moments that brought smiles to my face this week.
Mary Grace's sign added pizzaz to these pizza rolls she made.
David's basketball game in Monett afforded the opportunity for me to see family that lives there. We watched David and remembered some of the ties that bind.

Carol (2nd cousin), me, Ruth Ann and Mary Beth (both 1st cousins)
Saturday, when teenagers sleep late and eat at weird times, we went to the SBU basketball game. It was a mid afternoon game, and because Elizabeth had been the typical teenager, she had slept late, eaten a late breakfast, and had forgotten to bring money to the game. (Our kiddos are on a salary and are responsible for purchasing any food they want at ball games.) Her forgetfulness prompted the following series of texts between her and me.

She lived....

Our oldest daughter, Hannah, is in Italy for this semester. While she's away, anything she didn't take is fair game for her sisters to wear (with Hannah's permission). I confess. I like it. It reminds me of her and the whole sister love/share thing going on feels good to my heart.
Hannah's high tops on Mary Grace's feet

We ate dinner at my mom's this week, and I found this while putzing around her kitchen. Elizabeth leaves her grandmother fun notes at random places around the house for her to find later. My mom has said she wants to be buried with them.

Monday, Mary Grace and I headed to Classical Conversations of Bolivar. One of my favorite times is fine arts. This week, the artist was Roy Lichetenstien, who painted a lot with a dot.

The bow and bouffant hair of the lead girl from the movie, Hairspray.
I found myself looking at my ring this week. In fact, I look at it often during any week. I love the souls whose names are imprinted on these rings. My kids gave this to me Christmas 2011. They ordered it from  Nelle and Lizzy.
It's definitely a gift that keeps on giving. I love them so much, I'm willing to photograph my 50 year old hands!
Sorry that you can only see part of sweet Faith's name!

Had to get a little check up kind of test this week at our local hospital, and was surprised by a couple of things on my "ticket." First, the piece of paper I was to bring is a "boarding pass?" Not really following the airline theme at the hospital....And "unemployed?" Why is that stamped there? Will I now be eyed suspiciously? Or, will they be nicer to me because they feel sorry for me? And, I have to say, I feel anything but unemployed.


The dry erase board on our refrigerator has come to life and been named. You never know how Norman will feel on a given day.
A kissing pic needs to be bigger than a mad

I ended my week at "The Pit," Central High School's venue for basketball games. I like The Pit. You step back in time when you go there. It hasn't been particularly friendly to our family, though. My oldest son, Luke, got a concussion there - and Thursday night, Elizabeth whacked her chin hard enough on the floor to warrant stitches. I can't believe I actually caught the moment on my phone, but I did.

Those flailing legs belong to her. There were 49 seconds left in the quarter, and she finished it out, not knowing her chin had a gaping cut. Thankfully, I know a good doctor.

As I finish this, the house is weirdly quiet. With no school today, everyone is still sleeping.

In the quiet, I smile and thank the Lord for this life He's given. For the life that I lived this past week a little more aware than usual.

life rearranged


  1. I enjoyed reading about your family's week. Sounds like a busy bunch. Those pizza rolls look good. Love the ring too!

  2. Visiting from InstaFriday. The note your daughter left her grandmother is HILARIOUS! Definitely gonna use that one with my husband! We're homeschoolers, too, and I have a friend who has told me so much about Classical Conversations. I look forward to the day when we have a group in our area. Sounds like a fun family!

  3. I love your ring - very cool! :)