Friday, February 3, 2012


Time for a little Friday fun.

Over at Life Rearranged, there's a link party going on. On Fridays, a blogger is encouraged to post their week in pictures - with pictures taken from your cell phone. Since I didn't decide to join this party until Wednesday night, I don't have a picture from everyday. I wasn't intentionally trying to document my week on my phone. If so, I would have taken a picture while we were in Fayetteville, AR, visiting my oldest son, Luke. (smile) But aside from that glaring omission, I was surprised to find that I take quite a few pictures on my phone - almost daily. Or, a picture comes in via text message. Four in my family have iPhones, which have great cameras - that may have something to do with our shutter happiness.

It's so interesting to me how something that wasn't a part of my daily existence 10 years ago is a big part of it now. Which begs the question*, "What technology will be available in the next 10 years that I'm can't even conceive of now?"

Who knows. But I do know that this past week brought some smiles to my soul and my face. I think that's what drew me to participating in this link party. There's a heightened awareness to the beauty and the gift that the everyday is. We really look at something, someone - and we thank our God - not only for the gift, but for the ability to see it, know it, and appreciate it. We thank Him for revealing some part of himself in it.

So, here's a few pics from my week.

Last Saturday, I brought the cake to a baby shower given for my dear friend, Nicole Edgmond. Julie Ledford, of Sunrise Sugar Shack fame, made and decorated this.
Beautiful and yummy
Tuesday, at 11:42 a.m. our time, I received an iMessage from our Hannah. It was 6:42 p.m. her time. She is studying abroad in Italy this semester, and was all dressed up with somewhere to go. (nice retinal reflection)
Formal dinner attire
Later that same day, I headed to where I spend A LOT of time this time of year. The gym. To watch my kids play basketball. I tend to get into it, and so to stay somewhat calm, I keep stats. I keep a record of all shots, missed or made, by every player, but then I only keep David's assists, steals, etc. (A filled in circle = missed 3. An open circle = missed 2. An X = missed free throw). We lost this game by 4, darn it.
Snapped this pic b/c I typically send this info to Luke, one of David's biggest fans

Another morning, when I got out of my car at Wood's Express, I was greeted by the sound of an instrument I do not love. But I do admire the spirit of anybody who takes their talent to the streets - especially early in the morning.
In front of the Bolivar laundromat
Below is the position I was in when I came across the official InstaFriday site. (I actually first noticed this picture taking exercise over at Angie Wright's blog - check her out!).  Our Shih Tzu, Kiowa, finds her place on my lap, next to my laptop.
Love our lap dog
I snapped this picture yesterday when I was stopped as a funeral procession went by. You can see the cars pulled over on the shoulder. I pray this show of sympathy and respect for those grieving is something our community never loses.

When I took the above picture, I was on my way to take my mom to get her hair done. Every Thursday, she visits Kay's Shady Nook. We then hit a local restaurant for lunch. We call this outing, "Grab Grandma and Grub."
My mom, Violet Vaughan, and "Miss" Kay
In the midst of all our running around, I still homeschool our 13 year old daughter, Mary Grace. She spends quite a bit of time in this position. Here, she was writing a formal report on the U.S. Constitution.
A little snack always helps the thought process

Speaking of a little snack, I think that's a perfect way to end a blog post. I'll go enjoy one, and you go enjoy one too.

And don't forget to enjoy the snapshots of your week, with or without your camera.

*Forgive my btq abuse

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