Saturday, November 3, 2012

InstaFriday - End of October

Three days of R&R.

That's how I ended my October.

Can I say it was great? It was great. Just some good "thinking" time. A big time bonus to those three days was visiting with my brother and his family in Rochester, MN. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let me backup to around October 23 - that's where these iPhone pictures start.

On those glorious nice days in October, this is where you'd find me for part of it. I love combining exercise and errands. This particular ride was to the Post Office and then to a friend's house in Park Ridge before heading back to our hacienda. That 6.83 mile loop took me 31 minutes and I burned 356 calories. Oh yeah.

My baby is an artist!! At her school's parent-teacher conference, she showed me her print making skills, which I didn't even know she had! Whooo gave her such talent??

Every week I stop by my doctor husband's office at least once, and this week was no different. One of his exam rooms was empty and the door was open.  I peeked in to remind myself of just what we had on the walls and took a walk down memory lane. Saw this old pic and smiled.  Not gonna lie, though. Kind of glad Luke is out of his long hair stage.

And, as is my recent habit, I stopped by The Cup on one of my trips to Springfield. Seriously cute pumpkins hanging out in there.

Speaking of Springfield, my man and I enjoyed a night out in the Queen City on the 26th. We got all gussied up, ate a fancy dinner and topped it off with a little chocolate for dessert.

He has my heart

I ate the whole thing!

And here we have the ever present, ever welcome, commandeering of my phone. Mary Grace and best buddy, Grace, before their chilly soccer game.

After that soccer game, Mary Grace did a little presto chango and got all gussied up for her violin recital. I love her hair. And her.

Early on the 28th, Lou and I jumped in the car and headed for Minnesota. He had a meeting at the Mayo Clinic, and I, as was mentioned earlier, had some blessed R & R. These guys were my buddies as we all huddled around my brother's fireplace.

Munford,  Finn, and Scout
But precious beyond precious, were two "greats" that I loved on while in Rochester.

My great niece, Naomi

My great nephew, Marcus
When I picked up Lou one afternoon from his meeting, I saw this statue. What were these men like? I've decided the next biography I read will be about the Mayo brothers.

I am a biography freak, just fyi. I love learning about what makes people tick.

We returned home late on Halloween. Elizabeth had her friend capture this moment and send it to me while we were en route. I think the toddler and tiara thing works for her...

It's always good to end with a chuckle - which is exactly what we did when Lou brought this shirt home that one of his medical compadres gave him. Who thinks of these things?

All I can say is how thankful I am that my Lou really is fine - now.

Hope you are doing well, too!

Thanks for stopping by.

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