Friday, November 30, 2012

InstaFriday - End of November

Here we the end of the month before the last month of the year! Every time I reach the end of November, I start hearing the lyrics from the chorus of "September Song."

For the days dwindle down

To a precious few...


2012 is dwindling down, but the activity level in the Harris household isn't!

Saturday after Thanksgiving we meandered out to The Hangar Cafe at the Bolivar Airport for a little breakfast. Not only is the food great, the help out there is exceptional!
Our Faith will greet you with a smile

Speaking of help, that's what David needed after he came down wrong on his ankle playing a little basketball on Saturday. Ouch.

And our Oklahoma State Cowboys didn't need any help keeping the Sooners at bay until the very end of the game... when they let them tie it up, send it in to overtime and eventually win. Uggh!!

We always have friends over for the Bedlam game. Everybody who's anybody wears orange, and everybody else wears red.
Wes, Lou, and Tom

I'm not exactly sure what's going on with David here, but I'm including this picture to document for all time and eternity that, for once, my center kitchen counter was clean!

I always need help doing my hair, and this time I recruited Faith to work a little ponytail magic.

I really like the way she made the sides fold in and under

I don't know of anyone who loves Christmas more than Mary Grace. And, out of all the decorations in our house, she loves the garland on our stairs the most. I found her here, studying for a test.

We found Elizabeth in the newspaper this week. It's always fun to see what expression the camera captures in the heat of the battle.

I think I'm the only one on the planet who still calls her Elizabeth

On the way to the above mentioned tourney, I enjoyed yet another of God's incredible sunsets. I cannot not take pictures of them.

Whenever anybody mentions Aurora, MO, where Elizabeth's basketball tourney was played, they typically say something about a really good BBQ place in town. We hit Hawgwild after the Lady Liberators won the consolation side of the bracket. Yummy.

You get cute little pig placemats to color on also

I've been working on a little Pinterest project this post will come at some point about it. But here's an exciting picture I snapped mid project...

Ok, it's not an exciting picture, but I'm excited about what happened before this.

This is the very first frame I've built. I bought some trim, mitered those corners (with a little help from my Lou), glued it, and put some finishing nails in it. Now I know you are excited!

I was also excited to hit Bill Roberts Chevrolet remodeling celebration today. It's a great business run by great people.

 My sweet friend, Marcey Daniel, enjoyed the festivities with me!

Mary Grace and I also took advantage of the banner weather by putting up our wreaths. I don't do heights, but thankfully, Mary Grace does.

The next three Fridays, I'll be taking a break from my InstaFridays.

During the month of December, I'm  doing an Advent series called God, You, & Luke 2. I'm super pumped about this and invite any and all of you to join me! It starts tomorrow, December 1.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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