Friday, November 16, 2012


Don't you love busy, crazy, full of life days at your house?

You have to focus on the "full of life" part of that sentence to answer "yes." We'd all say things are sometimes too busy and sometimes too crazy or (cra cra, as Elizabeth would say) in our lives. But too full of life? Don't think so.

So, because my life is so full of life, I'm typing at warp speed so I can post this InstaFriday. Still gotta run to the store, exercise, go to Meet the Liberators tonight, and host a bonfire. Whew! Thankful for the ol' iPhone which is with me wherever I go!

My heart always flips a time or two when I see one of the kids helping their grandmother out. Here, Elizabeth is reading blog!

Cold days meant we finally had a fire. If you only knew how many days that could only be described as "coolish," Mary Grace begged to have a fire, you would understand how wonderful that first really cold day was for her. I don't think she moved from this spot for hours.

More live music filled my life this week. This time, Faith and Mary Grace serenaded their grandmother with some Christmas carols they've been practicing.

Whenever all 4 of the girls are home, I usually make them pose.

Hannah was home. I made them pose.

See the word on 3 of their shirts? That's what I feel when I look at this.

On Monday afternoons, I teach Essentials at Classical Conversations of Bolivar. This note was on my board when I arrived.

These kind of words will keep a person keeping on.

Ann Voskamp, over at A Holy Experience, described and provided a free printable family Thanksgiving Activity, The Thanks Giving Tree. This is new to our family, but I think it will become a tradition.

Every leaf has a different verse. The back is left blank so you can write your own "thankfuls."

Thankful for Mary Grace and Grace - they helped  put ours together.
This next picture was taken right after supper one night. I had to take it because every other sentence of our conversation that night was, "Faith, your hair just looks beautiful tonight."

All natural

Elizabeth showed me some of her "doodling."

I love her artistic bent.

If you know my doctor husband, you know he is all about the Paleo diet. I'm even on board with the Paleo diet.

Except at Thanksgiving. This southern girl is not even thinking about any kind of diet on Thanksgiving.
This was advertising a class at HyVee

My fourth child celebrated her 18th birthday this week. Sweet Faith. What a beautiful girl - inside and out. She brings such joy to our home!

Party of her day's festivities? A 3 mile run with her sister. That's what I'm talking about!

Mary Grace and Faith

Rounded out my week at First Baptist Church sorting clothes for our church's annual clothing drive. They let me work it when I told them I about my years of experience doing laundry for 8 people on a daily basis.

Shout out to Valerie for her leading out in this!
Sunday afternoon, this same building will be bustling with people picking out some free clothes they need for their families. Very cool ministry. Thankful for it and the people who make it happen.

Looking forward to heading in to Thanksgiving week!

Thanks for stopping by!

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