Saturday, November 10, 2012


My post, A Note to My Sons - Lessons from Taylor Swift, threw me off this week. Publishing it late in the week (Thursday) crowded my InstaFriday. But my phone pics screamed at me every time I scrolled through them, demanding their place on my InstaFriday roster. I listened to them because I recently added a page to my blog called Why I Blog. One of the reasons I blog is to have a record or snapshot of everyday life, and my InstaFridays are a huge part of that.

So, late (which drives me crazy!!!) or not, here we go.

It looks here like my man and I are about to go on a serious bike ride, doesn't it? Nope. All dressed up for a Trivia Night where we, and fellow Mathlete teammates Kelly and Sue Roweton, and Kelly and Teresa Holt dominated all the other teams there! All 2 of them. 

It was still fun and we still won. Always good for this competitive soul.

Scrolling through this week I found yet another phone commandeering. This time from my Elizabeth. And this time, extremely precious. She loves her grandmother. The only bummer about this pic is that Elizabeth used the front camera which is grainier than the one on the back of the phone.

About 6:50 a.m., I snapped this. She does not love practicing in the morning, but I love her practicing in the morning. How many people in the world have live violin music while they are fixing breakfast!?

And yay! yay! yay! for our local grocery store, Woods. I turned the corner in the produce section this week and this new little deal greeted me. They are making it easier to eat healthily!

And another early morning picture of Mary Grace...this was 7:30 on Wednesday. Twice a month we mosey down to Springfield for her violin lesson. We yawn a lot on the way, but it's sweet time. And obviously, Mary Grace does her part to brighten the world. 

Even though she's shy and hates to draw attention to herself. 

She painted those shoes at a birthday party.

I don't know why this next article kind of bugged me. I just thought it was silly. 

Go to an equestrian center as a reward for reading - Yes!

Have first graders read to horses - No! 
Have I forgotten how first graders think? I think my kids when they were first graders would have felt silly reading to a horse. Maybe I just need to lighten up. 

I also don't get that title.

On to something I do get...friends and tennis. 

Mary Grace doesn't just play the violin in her spare time, she also plays tennis. It was extra fun for her when our friend, Erin Burlew (a former Evangel tennis player), came to Bolivar and hit with her. 

Speaking of tennis, somebody (not gonna say who...I'm clearing my throat), neglected to put their tennis stuff away. Usually, this really annoys me. But when I saw this, my first thought was how nice it is to be doing life with people you care about. (Note to my kids: This is not license to leave your stuff out. See the sentence above that starts with the word, "usually.")

Another shout out to Wood's Grocery store! Because of their rewards system, I bought 20 gallons of gas for this price this week. My suburban owning self thanks you!

Friday evening, I sent these 3 off for a weekend retreat called MOG/WOG. (Men of God/Women of God). They are watching Andy Stanley's video series The Principle of the Path. Praying God stirs their heart in a powerful way.

Those three are gone, and this one came home! I told her I needed someone to go with me to all our Christmas Open Houses here in Bolivar this weekend. Here's another grainy front camera pic we took at Ralph's Grill on Friday night.

Hi Hannah.

It's a bit warm today, November 10, but I'll take warm November days any time!

Warm or cold, our days are gifts from our good God.

Hope you are enjoying yours!


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  1. Enjoy reading your blogs, and seeing pictures of you and your family.
    BTW, we sure could use some more violins in our orchestra First Baptist Church, Millington,Tn.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving c your family.