Sunday, April 28, 2013

Swept Off My Feet

Welcome to post #5 of poems performed by little Harris people.

I had completely forgotten about the following poem, which is hard to believe, because when I read it this time, it completely swept me off my feet.

In this clip, Elizabeth recites "When Young Melissa Sweeps." 

When Young Melissa Sweeps

When young Melissa sweeps a room

I vow she dances with a broom!

She curtsies in a corner brightly

And leads her partner forth politely.

Then up and down in jigs and reels,

With gold dust flying at their heels,

They caper. With a whirl or two 

They make the wainscot shine like new;

They waltz beside the hearth, and quick

It brightens, shabby brick by brick.

A happy gavotte across the floor,

A Highland fling from door to door.

And every crack and corner's clean 

Enough to suit a dainty queen.

If ever you are full of gloom,

Just watch Melissa sweep a room!

Glory be! I think this poem has just transformed the chore of sweeping!

So much of the time, it's all how you "spin" something, isn't it?

You can sweep, or you can...
                                               dance with a broom.
                                               lead your partner forth politely.
                                               go up and down in jigs and reels.
                                               caper. (I had an idea what that meant, but not exactly. Looked it up.)
                                               dance the Gavotte - or the Highland Fling. (Depending on whether you 
                                                                                                                     felt French or Scottish that  

The possibilities are endless!

I can't remember whether or not my Elizabeth had a hand in picking out this poem, but I'm awfully glad she recited it so many years ago.  If you're like me, when you see Melissa's hair, you'll smile. And when you hear Elizabeth clicking her fake nails against the poster, you'll smile.

And hopefully, next time you sweep, you'll smile too.

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