Friday, October 10, 2014

Flashback Friday

My high school daughter came home from school yesterday saying tonight was "Senior Night" at the football game. At the last regular season game of the year, the seniors and their parents are recognized.

It's one of the many little "good-byes" you experience when you've got a senior.

My very first senior night was at a football game - a very similar Friday night back in 2007.

A couple of fellow senior moms: Peggy Curts, [me], Kim Stanek

Luke and Lou
Those were some fun and nerve-wracking days. Luke, among other things, was kickoff and punt returner. My stomach would be in knots every time those plays had to happen. Talk about a praying woman! First it was, "Catch the ball. Catch the ball. Catch the ball." That morphed to "Hold on to the ball. Hold on to the ball. Hold on to the ball." By this time my body is contorting as he was weaving and bobbing his way down the field and I was screaming, "Go Luke, Go!!!"

I was completely annoying to sit by, I'm sure.

But I still have no apologies  - I am my kids' biggest fan.

I'm also Lou's biggest fan, and he - much more recently - turned 55.

Birthday dinner with dear friends
We were in Minneapolis, MN, for a conference on his festive day. Being in a big city means you get to see some new and different things - like a building with music notes all over it and a wedding party getting their picture taken in front of it. 

and a very sweet lab - like a yogurt lab. Something tells me if the Periodic table was all about frozen yogurt, people would take a little more interest in it.

So clever.

We celebrated another birthday this month - a big one. Miss Mary Grace turned 16.

And while part of me still may want her to be putzing around in a Cozy Coupe, time and trucks wait for no mama, and she is doing her thing in her Papa Hugh's 87 Dodge Dakota.

She's also been doing her thing on the tennis court. She and her fellow Lady Liberators had a great season. A good group of young ladies led by a couple of good coaches.

If you put that 55 year old and that 16 year old together in a garage with an old Mazda that has a bad stereo, it will soon be fixed. Music is muy importante to those two.

Speaking of a very important thing - a bike ride comes to mind. A bike ride on a very beautiful fall day. A bike ride on a very beautiful fall day with very dear friends.

Very important, indeed.

Also important and completely delightful is seeing this girl around.

I loved the way her hair looked here and made her  "hold still" for a pic.
She humored me.

 Our Faith is attending Southwest Baptist University so we see her every once in a while.

She made our night by asking if her fellow "jumpers" from the track team could come over for dinner. A full table with good conversation and laughter was a highlight of our week.

It's been good to sit down - slow down - and remember the joys I've documented here.

I hope you take the time to do the same in your world. Look back through the pictures you've taken on your phone this past month. You have some things to smile about. To thank God for.

Thanks for smiling along with me as I "flashbacked."

Blessings to you and yours!

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