Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Review

On Friday, the girl at the deli counter probably gave me a funny look.

While she was slicing my mesquite turkey, I was checking Instagram. I follow a comedian named John Crist, and one of his pictures made me laugh out loud. I immediately looked around - not because I was wondering who saw me laughing - but because I wanted to see somebody I knew so I could show them why I was laughing.

I wanted to share it.

I like how good things are not diminished when we share them. They are multiplied. (Conversely, hard things - sad things - are not multiplied when we share them. They are eased, but I'll save that discussion for another post).

Sharing some of my good things (hoping that in sharing mine, you'll think back on your week and remember yours) is one of the reasons I blog. My weeks certainly aren't all smiles and roses, and I share that part of my life here, too. But I rarely need help remembering what's hard about my life. That usually screams pretty loud and clear. Because it's so loud, it can drown out the melody of all that has brought me joy during a week. I'm typically surprised when I look back over my pictures on my cell phone at a week's end. I see a snapshot and go, "Oh yes! That was this week! That was fun...or good, delightful, hilarious, nice, happy, etc..."

And delightful is the word I'd use to describe our night at Morsel's Java Jam Celebration. Unlimited desserts and good music? Uhmmm... yes, please.

Grace and Mary Grace - lifelong friends enjoying the festivities

Issak and Faith were part of the musical entertainment

This chalkboard is near the java area in our house, and I caught myself glancing at it more these past few days.

I first read this quote on my niece, Angela's,  Instagram - it was one of her "take-aways" from her week at family camp.  It spoke to me, so I had my Elizabeth work a little chalk magic before she left for school in Fayetteville. Looking at it actually served two purposes. It reminded me of good truth and my good, off-at-college Elizabeth, who we kind of, really miss - a lot and a bunch.

As I write this post on an 83 degree Sunday afternoon at the end of October, it's hard to believe we've had cool enough weather for this:

Actually, I think it was only in the low 60's when we did this, but our Mary Grace pleaded for it, and we caved to the begging of the baby of the family like all parents tend to do.

This week also brought some much needed cleaning out of some cracks and crevices. I found a couple of treasures.

First, this school picture of David.

Poor, adorable guy.

I'm glad he grew into those teeth:)

Second, I found the invitation to an Open House my parents had when they built their new house back in 1969. I don't remember seeing this before, and I really liked the peek-a-boo action they employed on the invite.

"WynRea" (pronounced Win Ray), was the name of our home and land in Munford, TN.  I always thought how they came up with the name and how they decided to write it was so clever. Dad's full name was Hugh Wynn Vaughan. Mom's full name was Violet Marea Petty. They took the first three letters of Dad's middle name, and the last three letters of Mom's middle name and combined them.


When my man and I built our house, I tried to do just the same with our names.

Louis Blan Harris
Shelley Marea Vaughan


"Blah Ray,"    "Blay Ray,"    "Blah Ree ah,"    "Blah Ray,"    "Blay Ree"

Oh, dear. No matter how we accented and pronounced that syllable combination, it just did not work. Like, seriously, did not work. So, we say something that is not original, but more pleasing to the ears. We call our home and land, "Home."

Ignore the scribbled "Z" at the top

A couple of other treasures were shown to me by my cousin, who my sister and I enjoyed visiting this month. She showed us this quilt block my grandmother had made and signed.

And she gave us these pictures of my mother which I'd never seen before. Treasures, indeed.

One of her engagement poses
Mom, her brother, Elvis, and sister, Ruth

A week is always better when I get to take walks with my favorite guy. We were on the tail end of a 5 mile loop when he graciously agreed to sit down on the sidewalk to get just the angle I wanted for this picture.
I like this picture of us
We also sat down at a really fun wedding that showcased a couple of ideas I had not seen before. The guestbook consisted of a bench and a Bible!

I underlined Romans 8:38-39, which is the reference we had engraved on the inside of Lou's wedding ring.

Speaking of rings, do they give those out to the winners of The World Series? Can you tell who I'm rooting for?

And, speaking of the end,  I can think of no better way to do that than with some pictures of the fall beauty we've been enjoying here. It has been breathtaking and stunning and I'm grateful for eyes to see it.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Many blessings to you as you begin a new week!

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