Monday, October 13, 2014

The Writing On the Wall

We've got couple of places in our home where there's writing on the wall.

Thankfully, the words on our walls are not as ominous as those found in a very dramatic chapter in the Bible - Daniel 5. If you aren't familiar with the story of King Belshazzar's great feast for a thousand of his lords, I encourage you to read it. Very thrilling stuff.

We have two places in our home where there are wall words. Ours were most definitely written by human hands that had human bodies attached to them. In fact, our basement wall was actually written by a gazillion human hands.

Since 1997

up close sample

When we first moved to Bolivar in 1988, we visited a house with a signature wall in their basement. We thought it was the coolest thing ever and said then that if we ever built a house, we'd have one too. In 1997, we built what still feels like a new house to me and designated "the wall."  It really is such a fun part of the basement, and first time visitors to our home still make a trip down the stairs to leave their mark.

The second place you'll see writing on our wall is not down any stairs - somewhat out of the way. These next set of words are purposely front and center - in the heart of our home.  I want to see them every day so I am a reminded of their great good truth.

I was sitting at this table Saturday morning when I got a phone call from my sister letting me know she was on the road heading my way for her planned four day visit. After I hung up, I remembered I hadn't made her bed or prepared the guest room for her. Knowing when she left and how long a drive it was, I had a good idea of when she'd pull into town. I knew how long I had to get ready for her. As I was thinking about this, I happened to glance up and read these familiar words - words that had been up since 2006.

I bet you can see where my mind went and where this post is going. My sister is not the only one coming soon. We've just got to consider different degrees of the word soon.

Almost every old person you talk to - heck, almost every person you talk to - remarks how fast time goes. How they blinked and whatever stage they just went through is over and done before they really knew what happened. The next stage of their life came all too soon.

The Bible teaches many truths about Jesus, one of which is the fact that He is coming back someday soon. We have this one short life to live before that happens. It matters what we believe and how we live. We want to be ready for that great day.

This writing on our wall came from the last book in the Bible - the second to last verse. Revelation 22:20.

He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!

I echo that "Amen."

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